Monday, September 30, 2013


No longer in the dark

Well,with the bike anyway.

There is a few pics of the broken wires and the repairs made to them. They were all soldered,and heat shrunk. Yamaha has a bad design be cause the power wire is not protected.  It is run through the bar insulated but not wrapped. Being unwrapped it gets hot and brittle and flexes causing breaks and shorts.

Breaks and burns found in all wires

All replacement joints twisted, soldered and shrink wrapped.

All wiring repaired awaiting final assembly

gif babes

Giffs and goofs

A little something for the grille

How To Make Atomic Buffalo Turds

Back in the day..there were Mechanics

There were no "Technicians", which is probably why the country was so good back then. People knew how to fix machinery and keep it running. They could improvise, a little bailing wire, a little chewing gum, a little spit with a piece of wood and they could repair anything. These people kept the gears turning, the belts running, the pumps pumping and the OK...running. It didn't matter if you had a Buick, a Packard, or a Chevrolet, It could be a motorcycle, a truck, an airplane or the clothes washing machine, they fixed it with what was on hand until they could get or make the correct replacement. 

 Now we live in a specialized society, nothing is made here, and what is, has elements from other country's, even the old icon Harley Davidson, has parts from other countries in it. Today your car goes in for service where a "Technician" who has been schooled by the manufacturer takes a look at the vehicle, runs a factory diagnostic  orders the correct part and moves your car outside to await the parts delivery as they move on to the next vehicle in the diagnostic assembly line.

We are a victim of our own technology. Back a couple decades and even racing was different, the mechanic rode in the car alongside the driver, if it broke during the race he jumped out and fixed it as fast and as easy as possible...keep the car moving

Friday, September 27, 2013

I guess a construction dumpster is considered fair game

I called the waste management company today that I got the dumpster from, I called them to pick it up because it was full and I wanted it emptied. When I got home the dumpster didn't seem as to the top as I knew it had been so I walked out front to see if it had been emptied. As I walked around the house I instantly knew...something was awry. 

I think the main clue was the orange paint running out of the back of the dumpster.I know I hadn't put any paint in there. Opening the back off the dumpster I found that the fridge, table chairs, grille, everything metal was gone, and someone had added their own garbage to it. 

You don't suppose they just swapped garbage do you?

Or was it two different people?

boxes and boobs

I guess you have to be someone....Special

I always thought Motorcycle Escorts were used only for Special people, people of High rank or standing.

They weren't used for the normal Joe or persons of lower or middle ranks

But I guess, once again I have been incorrect in my assumptions.

Let me explain, back in 2009, I had a different bike, one night I took the bike to the Clubhouse for a meeting. I believe it was a Thursday night if memory serves me correctly.

When I came out of the Club after the meeting, my bike had an issue, there were no lights working on the bike.

Well That night I was given a ride home in a cage and MY bike spent the night in Montville. 

The next day I had to get picked up at work, driven to the bike so I could ride it to the repairman. There was no "gather around to help" There was no "Escort". NOW...jump forward four years to last night, one of our members came out of the Club and found he had no lights.... (hmmm, sounds...similar).

Did his bike spend the night in Montville? NO.  HE was escorted by motorcycles to his a different STATE!!!!

Now I live roughly 7 miles from the Club, this person lives closer to 20 or 30 miles or more from the Club.
yet, they went out of their way to give him an escort. I thought at first it might be because of the bike, After all, the man leading the way last night was on a Harley. He would be the same Road Captain we had in 2009 when I didn't get an escort. This seemed to fit except that I realized something, Last nights bike wasn't a Harley either, as a matter of fact both last night and four years ago have the bike type in common, both were Yamaha's. Yet he was led and I was driven. So I've come to one conclusion...

Tom likes him and doesn't like me, I can see that now...That was the issue wasn't it!!!! Don't deny it, I can see it now plain as day. You like him better.

Now I don't want any denials, I know you gave him an escort last night, no matter what anyone says I know...Because...

I have photographic proof. 

No it wasn't Photo-shopped. it wasn't altered, that's a real photo, the ahhh, oh yeah...the  light area in the photo was because of someones headlight reflecting off the camera lens.

*************************************** (Let me amend this by saying, THIS is meant to be FUNNY, I am not mad at Doug, I am not mad at Tom, I am not mad because he was escorted. In short I am not mad. If I were  it wouldn't be a preschool you like him better and I would not have photographic proof. believe it or not, not meaning to crush all you illusions, but, NOT everything you see on the internet is true). I was surprised to hear from a couple people who actually thought I was mad, come on, have you ever seen me get mad? There is a reason I don't get mad, mad on me is ugly. I avoid going there. I don't even get mad at work and if you could see who I have working for me, you would wonder how can he not get mad. (THIS too, is a joke, see how it works) 

The T-BIRD, what was it that went wrong?

The 1957 T- Bird was...well, there's no other word for it....COOL

I can tell you what went wrong, it was called the 70's were all of a sudden all Detroit's vehicles went long and large. The T-Bird went from being a cool sports car to being a rolling floating boat.

My brother had two of these taking up room in the driveway. He had a two door and a convertible.