Friday, September 30, 2016

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Tips for riding in inclement weather

Tip one: Keep the rubber on the road. failure to do

Tip two: It only rains in the front, but time will allow it to circle around and join at your back. Wear appropriate riding gear for the occasion.

Tip three: Avoid crosswalks and other painted surfaces, this goes back to tip one.

Tip four: Riding in the rain should be avoided if the weather is not warm. Cold and rain suck.

Anyone remember the hat I wore when I joined the Club?

I wore it on every ride in 2008 and about half of the rides in '09. Then, I believe it was on the way to the Columbia Yamaha Bike wash that it decided to self deploy on 395, never to be seen again. A piece of 1960's memorabilia gone.

I miss that hat too. It's actually funny how many people don't come up to you at a motorcycle event to talk to you when you are wearing a hat like this.

I want me a new hat

I was looking for a new hat to replace my beat up brown cowboy hat. then I remembered the hat that James Caan wore in "El Dorado".  That is the hat I want.

So I went hunting on-line and found a place that offers it. 

Now, not wanting to spend $700.00 for a hat that might possibly fly off my head and  land in the middle of an Interstate, I decided to hunt further. I found another site on line offering it, $1000.00.

Guess I'll stick with my beat up leather looking cotton cowboy hat.

Doug had me try something the other day

Absolutely Fantastic...
The heat rolls in afterwards

Monday, September 26, 2016


Why is it that when I add White Cream to my Black Coffee I get beige?

It should be Blite, or Bhite, perhaps Blate. 
 Maybe Whick, or Whack.

I mean, there's not even a "G" in those words.