Wednesday, August 31, 2016

So, I figured out my budget

The biggest expense I have each month is the mortgage, that aside everything else except one item is pretty cheap.

So I did some figuring, electric bill, gas bill, oil bill, phone and internet. Then add in food and gasoline...

 Then there are the cigarettes, smoking roughly 14 or 15 packs a week at just under $9.00 per pack comes to roughly $504.00 a month.

The smartest thing to do would be to quit eating out all the time, but I like food, so taking all these figures together I have determined that my best course of action would be to move down to Virginia, the Carolinas, or perhaps Georgia. 

The money I would save in Gasoline tax alone would make the budget work.

So, sell off the big bike, I would be somewhere away from here so long traveling wouldn't be necessary. Sell off the house and property, get on the Dyna and arrivederci.

Hello Carolina barbecue

'Jungle Book' Interview

"The Voices" Featurette - The Jungle Book

Glenn Curtiss and the V8 motorcycle

I posted a photo the other day of the Curtis V-8, here's the story. 

Curtiss worked an Aviation manufacturing Company and was chosen to build an engine for a dirigible, he designed the V-8 for that lighter than air ship.

To test his new engine he attached it to a reinforced modified bicycle frame and took it to the beach for official time trials. The motorcycle with it's 269ci, 4410cc dual carburetor power-plant hit 136.36 mph. It was January 24, 1907. With that test run Glenn Curtiss became the holder of the title the fastest man on earth. he went faster than any motorcycle, car, or airplane at that time. The record would stand for 10 years until it was beaten by the Blitzen Benz automobile at 141.7mph. Another motorcycle didn't beat the record until 1930.

The motorcycle is on display at the Smithsonian Museum of Science. 

As a side note, the day he set the record it took him over a mile to stop the bike since the brake was the curved bar (seen above), attached to a triangular metal plate which rubbed on the tire. 

Has Tom stepped up his game, A new(er) bike?

The bike even has Tom Tech, is that an 8 track? Steppenwolf !!!

Because you need to have your nuts hanging from your bike

This could only be in one of two Cities, Akron Ohio, home of Goodyear Tires, or Worcester Massachusetts, home of the prophylactic,  yeah, it's Akron

I believe when I was there last year we were parked 2nd from the right, but it may have been the far right.

Is that a Thunderstorm brewing? 

Is that a Mcdonalds near a brewing thunderstorm?

Been there, seen that, have the tee shirt


I love a place that has a slot machine that issues keychains, gift cards, and cash, Must be Pennsylvania

Yup, Pennsylvania

She has pulled pork, fries and beans, What the hell are you eating?

Monday, August 29, 2016