Monday, November 28, 2016

Ever seen a grown man cry?

I have, Saturday morning, I got up late for work, ran around getting ready to go. I realized I would not have time to stop on my way in for anything and once I got there no way to get anything until around lunch time. Luckily, I have a Keurig Machine, Checking I found I had enough half and half for a dark cup of coffee, I also was down to one K-cup. I threw the cream in the cup, turned on the machine, threw the old K-cup away and placed a new one in the machine, went off to finish getting dressed. Ran back into the kitchen, hit the brew button and stopped to feed the cat. Reached back up for the coffee and found that the cup I put the cream in was still sitting on the counter, the Keurig brewed up a beautiful brew of coffee and dispensed it into the catch drain.

get your leathers...Let's Ride


That ooo that smell

Crossword question

A four letter word for something going wrong


or to a lessor degree...

Cars warming up, so...