Monday, March 31, 2014

Most Pierced Woman FULL HQ SHOW 2009

Worst nipple piercing reaction ever on Youtube!!!

Ton Up... Rockers... Aces...Pirates...and Women

 it is the end of March

All around me people are asking questions...

Tomorrow is April and it's 32 degrees and ice is falling from the sky, what happened to Spring?
What happened to the warm weather

You look out the door and sleet is pelting the ground, on the other end of the State it's a different story...

To the North of us...and to the west of us, the story changes dramatically...

As for me I only have one thing to say.... I've never ridden to a Motorcycle Blessing in the snow, tell me do they still use Holy water or do they just slap an icicle across you face.

There's only 13 more wake ups left before, the nor'easter at the beach.

From the sublime to the WTF and back

CSX Boston Line snow flanger leaving West Springfield after Thursdays sn...

Snow Flanger 1 Union Pacific Cascade Line (Flanger at work)

Strasburg Railroad: Plowing the Line (Snow Plow)

CN Plow Extra -Letellier (Jordan Spreader at Work)

BNSF Snow Blower in Aurora, NE

Spectacular footage Train plowing through deep snow Arthurs Pass

looking for ink?

Sunday, March 30, 2014


It is  absolutely  amazing, the difference a Brand makes. On Sunday I got back to work painting, of course this means cleaning, plastering, sanding, masking, and then painting. 
For the walls I used Behr paint, this paint covers well, it has built-in primer and the colors that the company offers are many. But absolutely the best thing about Behr paint, is the smell. Behr paint has an amazingly Pleasant smell. The house, the entire house smells nice.

Now, Glidden paint, which I decided to use for the ceilings, does not. The first thing you notice when you open a can of white paint is that its pink, luckily the outside of the can says, "Goe's on pink, dries bright white". This is 100 percent true, if not a little disconcerting while you are applying your first coat. 
The smell of the paint though could be better. The smell is akin to dirty underwear or gym socks. Now this really isn't all that noticeable while you are painting, but leave the house for a while then come back and it makes you pray no one shows up to visit.