Friday, July 31, 2015


Speaking of Boxer Engines

Many people are not aware that Harley Davidson produced a 750cc Boxer Engined motorcycle in 1942. 

Harley was supplying the WLA to the Army,
(W= flathead W series 45 Cubic Inch, engine family)
( L= High Compression)
(A=Army (there was also a WLC C=Canadian)

The U.S. Army captured and tried the BMW motorcycle, they found it to be smoother, and quieter so they had Harley design and build a Boxer powered motorcycle for them.

Harley Davidson produced the 750cc XA and XLA motorcycles.

While the Army bought the WLA and the XA  models (including XLA), most never saw service. The idea was for motorcycles to be used as scout vehicles as they had been used in previous military endeavors, but the Willys jeep had come on the scene and because it was so versatile, most Motorcycles were parked in military depots, and after the war auctioned off.

Had Harley continue with the boxer engine and dropped the V twin it is most likely the Company would not exist today. When hard times came in the 60's and 70's it would have been just another motorcycle company like the European and Asian motorcycle companies, and would not have had the following that saved the companies life. Harley was saved by passion, and while companies like BMW, Ducati, Triumph and Honda have a passionate clientele, Harley would most likely have been considered nothing more than a similar supplier. But that vibrating, noisy, leaking V Twin had heritage, and a signature all it's own, more than that, it was a Survivor and it was American patriot that would not be deserted by those who rode them. 


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Thursday, July 30, 2015

more past

I loved these old Choppers

OH my God, A Bubble Helmet

You know what else I like about the old Girl Chopper photos, Nudity without porn, Nowadays it's either topless or the girl sitting there inviting the world in.

Simply overlooked simply

Have you ever looked at a photo, read a caption if it had one, then moved on to something else. of course you have, everyone has. 
This photo below for instance, you probably assume at a cursory glance it's just another picture found on the web and posted here.Well you would be right...sort of.

But also not, you see when I found this picture on the web it didn't have speech balloons or words I had to add those.

It was also a color photo not a black and white photo, well, almost, you see, the idea behind doing this type of stuff s for humor. Part of the fun is either doing it perfect so you can't tell it's a fake, making sure it is off scale or tint so the person knows its a fake, or making it close to correct but a person would have to look to see that it isn't a true photo. The above photo is not a true photo, notice the stone is a little "off" and there is a shadow line behind the stone that doesn't match. The photo color was removed using "Irfanview" because the background was a color photo, the man with the guns was from a black and white photo... he was sitting in front of a barn.

I had to reduce him a little for scale.

That outhouse...

Current day photo,
I could have put someone else in the photo but it would have been a dead giveaway.