Friday, July 29, 2016

It's Vermont, It's the Iron adventure...

Do I get pictures of Biker Babes sent to me to post?....No
Do I get pictures of Motorcycles sent to me to post?...No
Do I get photos of Vermont Roads, epic scenery, beautiful vistas, iron Adventure Run photos?
Photos of Club members enjoying themselves, like the year Hoss pissed off the hill then slid down it because it was wasted?

There seems to be a Food genre going on here.

I wonder if there's a photo of Ben and Jerrys or Stapletons Corn Cobb cured Bacon on the way.


The Thrill Is On

Look At Life 1960's Scrambling


A STORY WORTH LIVING - OFFICIAL TRAILER - Inspirational Adventure Motorc...

Charlton Heston - Bad to the Bone

On the set of HARDCORE HENRY (2016)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

ATTENTION I-95 Exit 85 North, ( Road Condition)

I have a report that Tar has been dropped in the roadway in the first exit off I-95 North in Groton Connecticut. This is the Bridge Street Route 12 South exit right at the base of the bridge. The person reporting this says that as of right now, if you are on a bike and hit one of these tar piles you may not be on your bike any longer.  So watch out.    Exit 85 NORTH

Our Freedom may be costing us our freedom

The way our laws are written make it impossible for this country not to become a place where  the people are afraid to speak.  A single person or a small group of people can hire a lawyer because they believe that what ever someone said or what a sign reads is aimed at them specifically and is demeaning. The lawyer takes it to Court and it works it's way through the system until it becomes unlawful to refer to someone in a certain vernacular. Lets say women can't be called girls, because it suggests non adulthood. At the same time another person may feel that to isolate them as women instead of as a person is demeaning, so you can no longer say women. So how do you reference a single group? 

And it goes the other way with races, You have German Americans, Italian Americans, Asian Americans African Americans, and then those that live here but want to be referred to by their ancestry, Puerto Rican, Chinese, whatever. A lawyer will fight a battle for those persons to be called as they wish. 

The problem is all these titles and groupings separate a nation. The early immigrants were proud to call themselves Americans, they may have been from (anywhere else) but now they were here, they Were Americans and they built this nation. What we need is for Judges to sit at a hearing and tell the lawyers NO, It's not to be, it's detrimental to a nation to divide that nation.  But this won't happen, because in this country it is your right to speak, to express an opinion or an idea. It is the peoples right to complain about the way laws are written and fight to have them changed. 

The problem is, "We the People" as a people are an ignorant bunch. We see things for what they are and how they affect us. We take no time to look at history to see why and no thought for the future to see what will happen.  We are a nation of individuals, and sometime in the future we will be just that, individuals in individual groups with no unity or nation. 

A little education and regard for others can go a long ways to make things right for everyone over time, a little ignorance can destroy something instantly. To the point where it never comes back.

You walk up to the deli counter

There in the middle of all the cooked foods is a tray filled with gizzards, hearts, and peppers swimming in a brown sauce, I say sauce because it's not thick enough to be gravy and it has unidentifiable floating matter in it, with french fries thrown on top. What do you do with THAT?

What I did was ordered a container of it, it went great with my pigs blood sausage, fried pork fat, fried cheese and rice with gandules (green pigeon peas).

It was fantastic, right now I am sitting in a chair unable to move, stuffed to the gills, and content.

HD maintenance tips (DYNA)

Check fluid level with bike leaning on side stand, Unscrew the dipstick and wipe clean, re-install dipstick and screw in until it stops, unscrew and check level. 

For warm weather riding 40 degrees and above use 20w50, for temperatures under 40 degrees Harley Davidson recommends 10w40.   

When engine is warm fill to top of dipstick fill line, when filling a cold engine only fill til the cold mark, which is located a little over an inch further down the dipstick.

Primary Drive:
When changing primary drive fluid, remove the drain plug at the rear of the primary drive and drain existing fluid.
Remove the five screws holding the Clutch inspection plate on, refill using a funnel through the inspection opening. Clean and inspect the cover seal for dirt and check for damage. Replace cover.


Part No. 99851-05 (quart)  Primary holds 32 ounces.

Remove the transmission fill plug with engine cold and resting on stand. wipe the dipstick clean, set the plug with attached dipstick inhole, do not tighten, remove to read. level should be between mark 1and mark 2 on dipstick. re-install fill plug and tighten to 25-75 in-lbs (2.8-8.5 Nm).

Fill the transmission with 32 oz. (0.95 liter) of GENUINE


Monday, July 25, 2016

I'm halfway there....

I have an Iver Johnson 32 caliber revolver. It has that spring loaded mechanical shell ejector which is really cool. It bears the Iver Johnson Owl logo proudly on the grip.

It is not in the greatest shape, it has rust on it, the finish has seen years of use and because the barrel is pitted I am in no rush to test fire it.

But having that puts me halfway to being where I want to be...

The Company name was Iver Johnson Arms and Cycles of Fitchburg Massachusetts.... 

I have the Arms part, now if I can just find an inexpensive Iver Johnson Motorcycle...

Perhaps a brown leather holster attached alongside the gas tank.

How do you turn a dishwasher into a lawnmower?


38 000 ccm Motorrad aus dem Guinness-Buch der Rekorde

Heaviest motorcycle

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Today was one of those days...

Today was one of those days where we learn something,
  Today was one of those days where we remember something,
Today was a day where a truism was proven,
  Today was one of the days we see how friends are,
and today was one of those days where we see how strangers can be.

I had an issue today with my bike, I won't go into specifics because that would make me look stupid.

Let's just say that I spent longer parked in the sun than I was planning on, and longer in Colchester than I thought I would. 

The bike had an issue which required a roadside disassembly, and as always everything went smoothly expect for the one bolt, it's always one bolt. (Truism)

The people I was riding with went above and beyond, they acted as brothers should, one went cruising all over town from store to store locating the tools needed to get back on the road. The other kept a brother company and offered if the need arose a means to get the bike home.

The repair started with my two compatriots taking off to go looking for what we needed as I stayed to take the cover off. There was a five bolt cover, this cover is fastened in place by five Star head bolts, each of the first four made a snapping noise as each broke free, the fifth was not the same. It decided to be so dedicated to it's job of fastening that it stripped a tooth off the star driver. So as I was sitting in the sun a pickup pulled up, a man got out wearing a Harley Hat and asked if I had the tools required, I told him that the tool I was using had stripped. He went to his truck and pulled out a large supply of tools and brought them over. His wife said that she always wondered why he carried his tools everywhere. I looked through his supply and said, no, I need a star driver, He looked down hearted and replied, "Star Driver?" Looked at the tools he had offered then looked at me and said, "You're Fucked." We had a good laugh at this, I thought it was a great gesture of someone nowadays to stop and see if they could help.

 Soon my two compatriots returned and one tried to break the last bolt loose with no luck, He got back on his bike and took off to find an impact driver, the other and I noticing how sunburned my head was headed for the shade of the building. It finally dawned on me that standing outside in the shade was rather stupid since the Dunkin was Air conditioned and had something to drink. 

Unable to locate an impact tool the other was riding from place to place trying to find something, but being Sunday most were closed. He came back with a star driver, a pair of vise grips and a ball peen hammer. After driving the handle all the way down the shaft until the hammer was actually striking the star shaft the bolt broke loose. We did the necessary repair and headed home with them trailing and running at a reduced speed sticking to back roads. Both stayed with me all the way to the house.

What I learned today had to do with the bike and the way it is designed, and I learned that just because something seems straight forward and easy doesn't mean it is so.

While one of the bikes was getting gas in Montville the other rider told me that an instructor had told him something, Before doing any work on anything "RTCTM", Remember to check the manual.

This brought back a memory from around 2009, Steve Malzone was the Club VP, and he offered me some great advise, if your bike needs something done to it, and you really feel the need to work on something, buy an erector set. Play with it and let those who know repair.

Isn't Summer GREAT !!!! Girls strip down to get some sun...

Then they show you when they forgot to put on Sunblock

 isn't all pretty, and they leave grease stains