Monday, October 31, 2016

Spy Hunter Arcade Game Long Play

Dragon's Lair - Every Death Scene in 720P

Animation of How a Steam Locomotive's Boiler Works

Lane, was she blonde maybe in her low thirties, late twenties?

I went down through Mystic the other day and had two occasions to almost meet young blonde women. The first time was as I crossed onto Coogan Blvd and started up the hill. A Blonde in a SUV decided she had to cross into the gas station. She cut diagonally across the road in front of me. I locked up the brakes, went a little sideways, stopped, gave her a dirty look then continued on. Honestly that incident wasn't anyone's fault, it's more a design error having a gas station entrance on a hill, on a slight corner, at an intersection with multiple lanes. 

A half hour later, having left the grocery store with a full Tour-Pack. I came down off Coogan onto Rte 27, Passed under the highway and was in the left lane to go straight up route 27 to Old Mystic. Another Blonde in another SUV decided that was the perfect time to shoot out of the Dunkin Donuts across four lanes onto the entrance ramp for I-95 south. Once again it was lock up time.  Part of this was a delay because of dumbfoundness. I watched her pull out, then cross both lanes, this is when I applied the brakes, she went across in front of me and onto the south bound ramp. I can't say if she ever saw me at all. 

So, If the one Lane met was blonde and driving an SUV it will make three identical Mystic threats. 

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Private Aircraft, Wardrobe by BMW, Back stage tours of Disney Attractions

An entire Airport and Security Staff  A 737-700 out of Orlando, and the passenger consist is two people. Must be nice to have money

And she has a new Dog.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

So the Kid asked me...

Why would anyone design Fishtail pipes for a motorcycle?

"I don't know", I told him, "But whomever it was seems to have gone on to a Career in Detroit"

"Fury-Sherman Vs Tiger Fight Scene Shortened version

Fury - SS officer execution

BAND OF BROTHERS - Part 2/4 Halftrack Tiger Battle ( HD STEREO )

Apocalypse Now (1979) Official Trailer - Michael Sheen, Robert Duvall Dr...

Greatest Scenes in Movies, EVER : ZULU 1964

All I want for Christmas

Looking at Pictures made me hungry..can you tell me why

Stupid Grinders

just some

There are moments in everyone's life that suck

Let me tell you about one of those moments for me.

It's Saturday, and since it is a "other" Saturday, I have to work, because I work every "Other" Saturday. 

It's one of those days where you wake up, do all the things you do in the morning, every morning. Then you make coffee sit back and wait until it's time to leave for work and some times you fall asleep.

Work Starts at 8am on a Saturday, but I like to be there by 7:30 to get all the computers up and running and take care of any issues left behind the day before. 

Then I realize...I'm Asleep!!!
Panic ensues!!!
I awaken, look at the Clock on the computer...9:30. 
Oh man am I late, the shop crew will be there waiting, there may be customers...(OK that's not so likely, but the techs will be waiting). 
I jump up out of my Office chair....
My office chair.
Yes, I had already done all that morning stuff,
I fed the cat
I chased her back in the house,
I stopped at the Diner to pick up food and the coffee shop for coffee.
I was here at 7:30 turned everything on and then sat at my desk
to await something to do. 
Dreaming you haven't left home yet is not something I recommend.

It kind of gives you a Start. 

Friday, October 28, 2016

Bureaucratic Slobber

One thing this Country has is bureaucratic rhetoric and controls. I refer to all this as Slobber. Some politician somewhere decided that whatever it is you like or enjoy should be controlled by some form of government. The truth behind this is, no matter how they portray it or manifest it's needs, it provides the powers to collect taxes or fees, yes, it's down to money. They'll tell you it's for your protection or your safety or the good of everyone but it's all about money. This is the reason I call it slobber, politicians and taxes are like dogs and bones.

The truth is, it usually doesn't bother me, They want your money, They will get your money so why fight it. Look at the Lottery, You pay for a ticket, a random drawing is held, you win and the Government takes almost half of it back. Other countries, England for one, believes the winnings are yours, the only taxable thing is any money made off it. But that's where we live.

There are times when The Slobber does piss me off. When they take away something good and replace it with not so good in the name of anything. Case in Point....Apple Cider.

Apple Cider has been around forever. It is Sweet, crisp, and clouded with crushed apple particles. (Also crushed bees, spiders, etc). Someone in the 1990's got sick on it, and it was determined that the cider in question contained E.coli. the bureaucrats stepped in, made laws stating that the process had to change, all Cider had to be pasteurized. (That by the way means boiled).

So now you go to a Cider-mill you can't get fresh squeezed cider, You get boiled then refrigerated Cider that has sat long enough that most of the flavor and consistency (clouds of particles) have settled out. So no longer can we enjoy something that has been around since...The Romans invaded England in 55 BC and found the people there drinking the stuff. Sorry, we as Government officials have to jump to extremes, instead of fining the place that produced the un-clean product they pass a law. So, in the name of safety we get to drink Apple Juice instead of cider, Cider that most likely every English Royal Family, every member of Parliament, every person fleeing Europe for the new world, and Every person born here has had the pleasure of drinking or at the least, the ability to drink.

OH MY GOD!!! They're Everywhere...It's Like a Metric Apocalypse


You know, like the Club president Rides and I rode when I joined this outfit.

Yamaha Wallpaper Click it, Save it, Use it.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

This may come as a shock to you, It surprised me.

Not everyone out there rides or even likes Harley Davidsons.  I was stunned!!! 

But then I thought about it, Not everyone has ridden one. I know some people might say it's a price thing but you can always buy used, so that part is discounted.

 The only other reason I can truthfully see is that, well, not everyone is as...let's say.... informed, no....perhaps...they have no, that's not it.... they're Class less.

Well, just so they don't feel un-loved, here are some wallpapers for their no taste, no class monitors.

You know I'm joking with you right...
I have owned a few Hondas over the years, a 1964, a 1976, a 1965...

(Of course that was in the early to mid 1970s, and I was also wearing blue and purple striped bell bottom pants and had straight hair to my shoulders)

Click on them and save them full size.