Saturday, August 31, 2013

Bike Paint

There is a lot of really fine artwork associated with motorcycles, absolutely beautiful airbrushing, and while I say this I am talking about the work done, not necessarily the subject matter. Let me explain, but first...

So much of the work, while beautifully crafted, is of skulls, death, and demons, as if having someone paint that on your bike makes you a bad ass. It doesn't you know, it just means you have the money to have someone paint that on your bike. The only true bad ass in that scenario is the bad ass painter. There are so many subjects that can be painted, so many things in life that are really great, be they real or fictional, Painting skulls and death on something that has two wheels, doesn't do well on oil, ice or snow, and usually comes out second best in a collision, doesn't seem that intelligent to me. I like to try and keep death as far away from my motorcycle as possible. And as for demons and devils, that's another group I hope never to meet, so I'd be damned if I am going to invite them to ride with me, who knows, maybe inviting them will get you damned, for myself I think I'll choose not to find out.
Painting death?, You may as well have a smashed motorcycle painted on your bike. I myself have seen a number of riders who have had death join them on their bike, let me tell you, it isn't as glamorous as it's painted, There are no shrouded figures, no Grim Reaper, no wraiths, I don't know, usually what I saw was a lot of blood, bodies a lot smaller than they should be because all the muscles have contracted after the bones were pulverized, and Gray brain mater sprayed out in vee's after the heads have been run over and popped.

Now I am not really religious  I would rather be out in this world riding rather than sitting in a church having someone talk about creation, so don't get the idea I am preaching one way or another, It's just an opinion. As for the other subjects of paint, they can be applied with the same genius of mind and skill of hand as the items above.

, fantasy art female warrior

Medusa...I would lose the skeleton, if mythology serves...her victims turned to stone.

And there are many other subjects, waterfalls, angels, horses, deer, mooseseses, flags, fallen brothers and sisters, Dragons, serpents, birds, and the list goes on, if it can be seen or imagined, it can be painted.

But if you still want death along for the ride, save the paint, why not have something a little more realistic. 

I know I want to ride behind this bike across the country.


Freight NR2 heading home, crosses the Shetucket River
Train NR2 runs south out of Plainfield along the Quinebaug River to Norwich

Hand throw switch

Seaview #5 works in the Quonsit Point RI yard then heads to the Industrial park

Not a train

Train NR2 leaves wye in Groton Ct., crosses tracks 1 &2 to track 4

CSX eastbound on the Boston line passes the old Boston and Albany Railroad East Brookfield station

NR2 sits on Amtrak Track 4 in Groton over South road

Seaview #5 works at the lumber yard next to their yard

P&W train PR2 works in the Valley Falls RI yard just north of Providence

How do you stop a train?