Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Undercover Blues (1993) Trailer

The best Muerte scenes

For Pete who doesn't read this blog

Pete was excited to see an I8 in the shop today, probably the only BMW he likes the look of, so...
Pete, here's some photos you won't see...

Another one of those nights

Yesterday I took the light down in the kitchen in preparation of installing a ceiling fan and light. Once the old was was removed I found that the box in the ceiling didn't really seem to be attached or.. it pivots on the cross bar. I made sure all the mounts were tight (which made no difference), added the new support bracket and tightened that into place. I had the same issue with the dinning room. I then added two wood spacer blocks and glued the entire unit in place. This morning I should have been able to mount the rest of the hardware and put the unit together. I awoke, walked out into the kitchen and took a look at it. The glue had dried nicely, the shim blocks attached to the bracket and the ceiling making the entire box rigid. Unfortunately, it hadn't dried in what one might consider a level position. I guess I could mount the fan to it if I wanted it to be angled and make a bit of whumping noise as it runs.

So after dinner tonight I am going to see if it can be leveled and secured or if I have to remove the entire thing and start over.

Lee Marvin - Pall Mall commercial

1960s Tareyton cigarette TV commercial

The Disadvantages with the Benson&Hedges 100's

Kent Cigarette Ads

Brylcreem TV Commercial - 1960s

Electricity & You - Reddy Kilowatt

Liam Neeson Slowly Hit a Deer with His Motorcycle

Christina Aguilera - Bound To You BURLESQUE (Chick Flick)

Moments in the Woods - "Into the Woods" Original Movie clip (Emily Blunt)

"Into the Woods" first a toe, then a heal, followed by the eyes

Monday, March 30, 2015

Boat? What Boat?

Last year a group of people I know went on a ride to Plymouth Massachusetts, where I have heard, they were not all that impressed with that tiny rock the Pilgrims supposedly landed on. Legend has it that it was bigger than it is now but over the centuries Souvenir Hunters were continually chipping pieces of it off and taking them. Looking at it today I would have to say they must have taken roughly 10 times its current weight in collectibles or it would not have been worth remembering which rock they stepped on.

Anyway, the Pilgrims came across the ocean from England and as Eddie Izzard put it, "The Pilgrims left Plymouth and landed in Plymouth...How lucky was that?"

Anyway, Back to the boat that I haven;'t said anything about yet. Years after the Pilgrims came over, actually years and years (and years) there was a reproduction of the vessel built. Now if you think Plymouth Rock is small, you should see what they sailed across the ocean in, For myself, I'm not sure if it would even classify as a coastal sailing vessel. The size of the Mayflower's reproduced self leaves me with two thoughts, first, the Pilgrims must have really hated England to get in that canoe, (which makes me wonder why, when they arrived, they named the place after the place they left) and second..Pilgrims had Big Balls, (except of course the women, maybe (it was a long time ago so who knows)).

Back to the boat, I asked a couple of my friends who rode to Plymouth what they thought of the size of the boat. the reply I received was, "What boat?"

Well, to those who did not see said Mayflower, I post a picture of it here, You see the reason it wasn't at Plymouth Massachusetts was because it sailed to Mystic Ct. where it was to receive much needed restoration and care...

So here she is, Dry Docked at the Mystic Seaport Museum...

You can see from the photo she really isn't a mighty sailing vessel, of course I have heard she was much larger but souvenir hunters....

To be totally honest I would not have braved the Atlantic in this ship, a friend of mine once sailed from New York to England on the Queen Mary 2, He said "Walking up to her when she was at dock was awe inspiring, she was gigantic, but, out in the Ocean...We hit an area where the waves were so big the entire ship would be down in a trough, when the Ocean has it's back up, No ship is large enough."

Queen Mary 2 on left, Queen Elizabeth 2 on right. If you look close I believe the Mayflower is hanging on the fifth lifeboat davit back. (You didn't really look did you?)

Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Blessing at the Beach is coming up soon...

Let's hope we don't have a replay of yesterday as far as the weather goes or the attendance may be a little light.

Of course...

The way the seasons going, perhaps they should have alternate photos and incentive added...

"The weather have you down?
Been spending more time in your driveway than you wanted to?
Well that equipment is just like any piece of machinery and you may suffer from a bout with Gremlins...
So...keep that equipment protected, If the snow keeps coming through June make sure it's ready for the task...

2015 Blessing at the Beach...

You can even have the truck you brought it in blessed...

ignore the snow outside


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It's Palm Sunday

Planning a Saturday excursion

One of these up coming weeks I plan on taking a little ride up to Springfield to the Armory Museum. During the off season it is open from Wednesdays through Sundays. Not of course non stop. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

I hungry

Joe Walsh on the Bob and Tom Show

Bob & Tom - Joe Jefferson Spanish El Learno Systemo

Bob and Tom's Joe Johnson Memory system

That's AWESOME!!!

No it's not...

I find it amusing how we take the English language and mangle it to fit our needs.

AWESOME:  To Inspire Awe, to cause or induce Awe.
AWE: An overwhelming feeling of reverence,Admiration or fear.

A Tornado can inspire Awe, A Tidal wave, a Forest Fire, A fantastic creation by nature like the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone's Old Failthful, a Volcano, or perhaps the hand of God coming out of the clouds to point at something for you, each of these would be awe inspiring.

I typed Awesome into the internet, I found none of these things, here's what I found...

OK,this is Nice, but not Awesome, this happens somewhere every weekend in the summer.

Not sure what this is

Awesome? perhaps to a hormonal adolescent

It's a hunk of meat, Micky pumps out something like this (well..) a gazillion times a day

No...I's a sneaker

this one is very nice

No...it's a video game, it's an excellent game but it's just a game.

Another pair of sneakers

Oh and by the way...No..You're NOT