Monday, June 30, 2014



I had had better weekends...

Saturday I went to Harley and ordered my new seat for Jenny. Trying to get her back into Gator motif with a seat you can actually sit on for the day. The Mother Road Gator spring seat looks awesome, but if you plan on actually riding a motorcycle anywhere over 50 miles a tractor seat is not the best choice. 

Saturday afternoon was spent doing nothing, ever notice when you have some place to be at a certain time that you don't want to get involved in anything that might tie you up and make you late.

Went to ReuManda Day, left there fairly early. At around 10pm I started felling like hell, nauseous, know...sick. I went to my room dropped onto my bed and fell asleep. I slept through both alarms and I woke up at 9 for the phone, I crawled under the covers and slept till 10 that night. I got up for an hour or so then went back to bed and woke up to the alarm this morning. 

Not the best weekend ever.

Friday, June 27, 2014

I guess Charlene didn't like the idea...

Charlene must not have liked the idea of Jenny and I having another weekend together,  she went to.the spa last night and at three this afternoon I got a call at work to pick her up.  Once again Oceanstate comes through. Without her scheduled to be in that shop today, they got her in, ran a 15,000 service on her, repaired the instrumentation issue, wired the tour pack for turn signals and replaced both tires.
It is nice to have her back, but, with no garage in place yet, she is back in the receiving area at work and I am spending the weekend with Jenny.

Casinos are great

Where else can you go where you can put $30.00 in a slot, get $1550.00 back and walk in your door on a week day with the alarm going off telling you its time to go to work

Need help identifying this person

If you know who it might be, contact your local bar...
he's been in the back room for a week.

I spent last night at the bar with some of Sandwiches friends

Let me tell you...they know how to party., you should see them after they've been drinking

Young Ladies used to be required to walk balancing books on their head...

The idea was to promote good posture... that the reason for the spoons and eggs?

I have a friend who houses and raises Standard Bred Horses

She also owns a few Carts and they run the horses in Sulky races. (Harness racing). She usually does pretty good, the few horses that race pay for all the rest of the horses, the feed, the hay, the equipment, the property, the stables, the house, etc...

I think we've come up with a way t make some money ourselves...
Think they'll notice?

Harness racing horses are Standardbreds. They are slightly smaller than thoroughbreds, but are more versatile and generally have a quieter temperament. They race more often than thoroughbreds, but require more training to bring them to peak fitness than their galloping cousins.

First there was ROBOCOP...

Then Robocop Two, then Robocop Three,  This year they came out with RoboCop....????

I hear the next release Robocop will have a companion...


Why is it?

When bikers put on a rodeo they use traffic cones in some of the games, like the ball set or ball pickup. 

So why is it, when Cops put on a Rodeo they make it look like a Traffic Control Exercise?,  (Cones Galore like they have to control the situation)