Sunday, December 31, 2017

Train Tickets must have been cheaper in 1954

There's a Christmas Movie where two war buddies go into show business, they meet a sister act in Florida, and travel to Vermont for a White Christmas. White Christmas... Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye.

They leave Florida and travel past the palm trees on their way to New York... on the Santa Fe Railroad... Which didn't go to New York, it also didn't go to Florida. It did go from Sacramento to San Diego, but only as far south as Galveston Texas, and only as far east as Chicago. So I assume they must have traveled west on another railroad to get to the A.T. & SF.   They could have picked it up in Louisiana and taken it to Chicago. then maybe New York Central or the Pennsylvania Railroad to New York.

From New York they headed to Vermont, on the Southern Pacific Railroad. But it went from Portland Oregon and San Francisco to Saint Louis, Memphis, or New Orleans.

Some how though, they arrived at Pine Tree Vermont and found their former General running a ski resort.

You see, I always thought the people who run the Hollywood movie money were smart, cutting here and there, telling the directors and film crews what they could do and could have. But I guess when it came to trail travel they had no idea how to get from the East coast to the east coast.

Perhaps they just ran into a pretty shrewd ticket agent.

Not only did he have they traveling all over the country for no reason, he also sold they tickets to a town that didn't exist...Pine Tree Vermont? Only Hollywood would come up with a name like that.

It's cold, it's bitter cold....But not in Nederland

The Frozen dead Guy is a Festival in Nederland, when I first heard this I though, well, the Netherlands do have some strange customs, but this is Nederland Colorado.

Seems someone even got the local Zombie dead Wildlife involved...

Saturday, December 30, 2017

To Save a Soldier

Army Nurses in the Vietnam War 1966 US Army

Jungleland - The Women of Vietnam; A Documentary By Kelly Coffee

Vietnam Nurse Nancy Bergman - "It Was Just a Job" - Holland Vietnam Vete...

The Irishmen who Fought in the Waffen SS

Wehrmacht, Waffen SS and Fallschirmjäger soldiers - Normandy 1944

Battlefield Normandy 1944 Heavy Combat Footage

World War II : Intense Combat Footage

225 MPH Turbo Super Bikes! NHDRO World Finals 2017, motorcycle racing Indy

Sunday, December 17, 2017


The Dunkirk evacuation occurred at the beginning of World War II. The British expeditionary force was sent to France to help out both the French and Belgians. The British Arrived with outdated equipment and expecting a war similar to WWI. The Germans had other ideas. A heavily mechanized fast moving force with Aircraft support. The Germans swept across the Maginot line, entered France and pushed westward to the sea and northward to encircle the British, French and Belgian troops. This left the forces trapped against the sea at Dunkirk and the small boat flotilla has become legendary.

There were over 300,000 troops saved combined from all three armies. 40,000 British were left behind along with what remained of the French Army. Many of those left behind met with dire consequences, groups were rounded up, machine gunned, had forced marches, starved, mistreated, and some were herded into a barn while grenades were thrown in.

The troops evacuated came home to a heroes welcome, mainly because the nation needed an Army and in the face of what was to come, heroes.
 At least two movies were made of Dunkirk and the men saved. Those left behind to work the holding action while others left are mostly forgotten. 

Of the two movies made, the newest this year, I would have to say I liked the 1958 movie better. It followed a small group of British soldiers left behind while out on patrol on their journey across country and their time on the beach before leaving. That movie also showed more of the flotilla and the problems facing such an evacuation. 
The new movie uses quite of bit of time overlay. back and forth between spitfire pilots, men evacuating, and a small boat. At times you have to stop and figure out at which point you are at. Daytime in one scene, night in the next, except the night was a day before that scene yet after the next. One minute the small boat is taking on people from a sinking ship, the next you are on the ship as its hit, then switches to the group from the beach swimming towards the ship which hadn't been hit yet as their boat sinks, as the lone Spitfire pilot left decides to take on the bomber overhead which caused the ship to sink earlier, or can get confusing. If you do watch it, see it twice, that way you can see why the little boat is sinking as the plane flies over but the private boat hasn't got there yet because the ship isn't hit yet...get it?


The new movie also doesn't give the heartfelt dread of over 300,000 men being on the beach waiting to be rescued as they are strafed and bombed by aircraft. As a matter of fact there are scenes with a lot of empty beach and nobody on it.

The 1958 version was well made, used a lot of actual footage and follows a single time line. Sure the water line on the side of the tank  was filmed in is visible occasionally but it was 1958 and there was no digital process in those days.

Actual Dunkirk photos.

Dunkirk scenes 1958 movie:

2017 Movie:


Dunkirk today:

Like I said, I prefer the 1958 movie.