Thursday, December 31, 2015

Once again The President is pushing for Gun control

After the shootings this year, President Obama is asking for Background checks for sellers and vendors. 

I myself have no problem with this. I have no problem with passing a law which requires background checks on all weapons buyers. As a matter of fact I would like to see a set standard for everyone in the country. Each State, in order for someone to purchase a weapon, should require a background check and for that person buying to have a permit to own a gun.

Many yell about this idea, they say it takes away from their rights. It doesn't, if you have a clean record, and no history of mental illness, you can get a permit and a weapon. The only people who would lose that right would be those who are either mentally unfit to carry one or have a criminal history. Do you really want to arm those people?

With a federal minimum requirement you could have total reciprocity, your State permit accepted Nation wide.

Right now, every time some lunatic decides to shoot people they want to take everyone's guns. The funny thing is, everywhere they have installed major and total gun control, where the average citizen can not protect themselves, violent crimes have run rampant. Which State has the hardest gun legislation, Illinois. Where in the Country has the dubious title as gun Murder Capital? Chicago. Because the average civilian cannot get access to a gun yet criminals can.

Everywhere that strict gun controls have gone into effect a leap in violent crimes has happened. 

Taking guns away from people, puts the people in danger and requires a wait when something happens for the Police to intervene.  Statistics show that when a shooting is involved in a environment where the average citizen is armed, the death toll average is 2.5. When the incident requires Police intervention the death toll is 8 or greater. This is not because the Police cannot do their job, this is because of the simple fact that a person was there with a gun to stop the shooter right away and there was no wait for a 9-1-1 call and a response time from the Police.

The other issue with gun crimes is the judicial system. When a person commits a crime and goes to court, to expedite the matter, there is often a plea bargain. What gets bargained away is the charge containing the guns involvement. This not only gives the criminal a slap on the wrist, but places that person higher on the list for release because the gun crime is omitted from the sentence.

The country needs to go after gun crimes fast and hard. No Plea bargaining. 

Think about it, if Strict gun control in the State with the toughest gun laws creates an environment with the most shootings and violent crimes, perhaps the answer isn't the gun laws but the enforcement and the punishment for Gun crimes.

Maybe, just maybe it's time to leave the law abiding gun owner alone  (the person who went to the trouble of following the law and getting their permits) and go after the criminals.

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Well, I'm sure you can top that...

New Years is Tonight, and there me some drinking involved...

Perhaps you can out do...

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Ever wonder what would happen when you refuse to sell?

Why 37 degrees?

Have you noticed that cages in the last few years have had either a visual emblem appear on your display or an audible alarm, possibly a bell ding when you are riding along on a colder day. The emblem may appear as a car lane with an "x" through it. If you pay attention to these warnings they arrive when the outside temperature reaches 37 degrees.

Have you asked yourself why a display would come on at 37 degrees? Do you know why it comes on at 37 degrees? Well it's simple, when the air temperature is at 37 Black Ice can form on pavement. The warning is just letting you know you are in conditions where Black Ice may become an issue.

Why a bell ding without an explanation? Why a vague picture of a roadway with an "x" without an explanation? Who knows, I guess your suppose to read the owners manual. But let's say you bought your new car in April, you read the manual, you have lived in the car for three quarters of a year, how many people are going to remember a single sentence in the manual that you read 8 months ago.   Here's my idea, how about a warning light that says, Black Ice.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What would you do with a random meteorite?

The Gibeon Meteorite was discovered by the Nama (Nambia) people, they used it to make tools and weapons. Since then, The Gibeon Meteorite has been used to make knives and jewelry. 

So, ther you is, sitting on yor bak porch, suckin down a beer, feet propped up checkin out yer bak 40 ta make sure thar ai'tn no varmits or trespassers, when all uf a sudden like, there is a bright trail and a damdable thud. Ya look over, and settin thar in the middle of your wifes veggitable gardun is a steaming pile o' metal.
What do ya do wit it?

Well, if'n yer the Cabot Gun Company you saw a hunk off the lump and come up with the Cabot Cosmos 1911.

Yes sirree, an honest to goodness meteorite handgun.

I'm not sure myself, but If I wanted grips for a 1911, I would probably go with wood.

Because I am one cheap ass son of a bitch.