Wednesday, April 30, 2014

#SELFIE (Official Music Video) - The Chainsmokers

Anyone interested?

Since I signed the paperwork today for my Equity loan, I will be having the money deposited on the 5th. 

I went on line, 
 Southwest Air, Bellagio, Penthouse Suite. 
 Arrive Vegas 05/06/14  11:05 am   (6am depart PVD) 

Leave Vegas  05/14/14 6:50am  arrive home 4:35pm


let me know how many rooms I need to get.

Nudes on Harleys!!!

Someone just said there are two nude girls out side on Harleys!!! 

 So I ran outside and sure enough, two really hot girls, naked on Harley Soft Tails with Ape Hangers!!!! 

My GOD they were hot, I grabbed a photo for you...

Unfortunately the camera was on "selfie" mode.  Go figure.


finally, someone who gets it


i am so glad winter is over

i was getting tired of dealing with the crappy weather...

it is so much better that Winter has left us...

A funny thing about looking for something for the "for the Ladies" post

I was looking for photos of men that don't show anything, believe me, it isn't easy. Anyway I came a cross a video of women running nude in slow motion, The muscles flexing the breasts bouncing it was down right attractive. I then saw a still photo of nude men running...first, for some reason, nude males don't seem to run the same way clothed men run, they seem a little more...tense. Secondly, as they run, their manhood is flopping around in all different directions. When you compare the two images, Men against Women, women run sexy, men look like a Ringly Brothers clown car. 

nudity for the Ladies

I have had a few girls, women, Ladies ask how come there are no guy pictures on the Blog. 

Posting nudity for straight ladies is not easy, first off trying to show nudes without genitalia is not easy when showing men. You see, because of how women are built, legally they cannot be charged with showing genitalia in public because women have a concealed carry permit. In other words their "private parts" ares inside, hidden behind two really pretty pieces of skin.  Men on the other hand walk around with their "Junk" hanging out, their shit floppin' in the breeze and since I try to keep from adding an "Adult Access" tag on the blog I try to keep the private stuff private.

But since I don't want to let you ladies down I will post a little something for you here. Now, there are a couple ways of showing guys without getting in trouble.

One method is the "abstract" method...

Another method is the, "hand bra effect" or in the males case, the "hand cup" method...

lastly, is the just say the hell with it and let them lie around with their balls hanging here you go...

Damn that's a lot of balls!!!

group nudity

that's group nudity...not Grope


I have a head and foot board I needed to strip and refinish. the problem was that the risers have round sections and rounded sections plus close in sections and there was no way to strip it down with an orbital sander...So.. I cheated. Since the only way to clean the old paint off the existing posts was to sit down with a piece of sandpaper and get busy, I decided to blow it off. The original color was white so I stained the areas I could strip and painted over the areas I couldn't using antique eggshell. not the head and foot board match the hardwood floor (still to be sanded and refinished), and the room trim since that's the paint I used.

Being lazy can have it's just have to sit back in your recliner, have a relaxing cup of coffee, a smoke, and think about away around work.


What you looked at, what you saw

In case you are curious about the caption above, it is just mentioning the fact that most men, 99.99% of them aren't very observant...almost none of them noticed the donuts, and 99.99% of them never saw the mouse.

two carriers and a Canoe

There are three ships in this photo, The USS Saratoga CV60 (left), the USS Forrestal CV59 (right) and to the far left...
                              (Photo taken in Newport RI)
That little boat just barely visible, is BB61 the USS Iowa. 

Standing there in person it is amazing just how big a carrier is, and two of them make you think there are giants in the world. But perception is funny, the small ship to the left, is entirely dwarfed by these two floating Cities with Airfields on the roof, and yet a Battleship is a rather large vessel in it's own right. 

And this is the same philosophy I base my life on, I cook at work, I bring food to work, I feed the entire company...because if everyone in the place gets big and fat....I look better standing next to them.

(the Iowa has since been moved...LA I believe)

lets take a step Pixel Heaven


Not to be confused with

And Then...

replace this third, this first, this fourth, this second...

Intellivoice, it took us forever to realize that "Check Pos On" was syntho voice for check position.

we weren't kids playing these games, we were...Well, let me put it this way, I would take a ride up to Jerry's house on a Saturday, we would start playing around 5 or 6 what seemed like a short time later, Jerry's Wife would come out of the bedroom and say, "Hey!!! It's Two O'clock in the morning!!!"