Saturday, February 28, 2015

"Wehrmacht Parade Style" 2013 HD 720p

Top Secret Drum Corps: The Next Level (Basel Tattoo 2012)

How do you play Flight of the Bumblebee on Bass Trombone

Trombone Shorty At Age 13 - 2nd Line

Trombone Silliness (Original)

Tumbleweeds are kinda cool

Until they get together, create a Mob mentality and then...Attack

What do you get when..

You take a mountain, add snow and ice, then stir in a little wind...


Sideways Snow Cicles..

How busy are you at work today?

Can you pucker up and make that desolate wilderness wind sound?

Do it as you look at the photos then ask yourself...

Why is he even at work...

I know I'm asking that question.

The answer by the way is, "I have no choice"

How busty are you at work today?

Sorry, Typo, but...what the Hell...We'll go with it

You should always pay attention to your surroundings

Nature may be trying to warn you of something

Some animals hide in plain site,

Hoping you won't find them.


Some animals just don't get it

Looks kinda Familiar

But..the smell is a couple inches north of where it should be


Pictures that make you say...WTF

Some days People are stranger than other days

Some days, the Internet is stranger than others

Now she'll have nightmares to go with her illness