Thursday, July 27, 2017

"T" is for British Made

When in China...

If you haven't heard the Chinese have found a way to avoid high lawsuit fees when they accidentally hit a pedestrian. 

In China you receive a fine for hitting a person, the fine can be up to $70,000 if they die, the problem is, if they don't die, you as the driver are responsible for the injured's medical bills. So to avoid bills which may equal the thousands or millions drivers have found it easier just to back up and run the person over again, then pull forward, then back up. 

The scary part is this makes total economical sense, let's see, a fine for hitting someone and life crushing bills, or just the fine?

Saves on court fees also, no additional charges, just pay the fine.

I think its rather helpful when a government comes up with a plan to save you money

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

"Hymn to the Fallen" by John Williams

"Momma Look Sharp"

Not new but Newly expanding Cornering ABS

Just under two years ago Cornering ABS was a novelty brought to us by BMW Motorrad and Bosch on BMW's S1000RR motorcycle. Other companies have adapted the technology but have renamed it Race-ABS, Lean-Sensitivity.

By using an array of sensors the main control unit adjusts the amount of pressure to the pads and force applied to the front and rear brakes. this allows the rider to apply full brakes in a corner alleviating the probability of losing control of the motorcycle and crashing.

While currently in use by BMW, KTM, and Ducati, as the price of the technology drops more companies have shown interest in installing on their bikes including the smaller slower classes new riders often begin with.


Corners and turns are especially challenging since headlights only illuminate a portion of the turn, making potential dangers like a stalled vehicle or a pothole even more dangerous.

This is where adaptive motorcycle headlights, such as those made by Milwaukee-based firm J.W. Speaker, come in. As the motorcycle leans into a curve, the onboard sensors of an adaptive headlight calculate the lean angle (the angle at which the motorcycle enters the curve) and uses it to determine where to direct the lighting array, dynamically illuminating dark areas that traditional headlights would ordinarily miss.

New Riding Suit for Women

Allows her to almost look like Keira Knightly as Coco Mademoisell.

girls love playing with mud pies