Friday, November 28, 2014

What's the word I'm looking for?

     Tree called me yesterday and asked if I wanted to meet her for breakfast, she said she was thinking of riding and wanted to know how the roads were. I told her I hadn't been outside yet and did not know. I jumped in the shower then made ready to head to the diner. I thought about it, if she can ride down out of Norwich when it's 34 degrees out (that's 1.1111 celsius), then what kind of wimp would I look like if i showed up in a cage. So I ran out to the garage in my underwear and bare feet, started Charlene up, waved to the neighbor (Melissa), and ran back in the house. I threw on my knee brace. I want to mention here that the MRI came back and there is no stability issue just wear and tear and there needs to be a little surgery to clean up the meniscus. I have a meeting with the Surgeon on the 2nd to set up the procedure, which is minor, a little hole cutting, camera insertion, a couple tools stuffed into the knee, some quick cutting, stitches, four days of crutches and back out and about. Anyway, brace on, I grabbed a long sleeve shirt, some...pants, socks, boots, hoody, leather jacket, Chaps, vest, gloves, shades and skunk fuzzy. I walked out to the garage like, Did you ever see the movie "A Christmas Story"? The little brother who couldn't put his arms down, wobbled along and when was knocked over couldn't get up...Yeah...I walked like that. 

I flexed myself onto the bike, backed it out of the garage, and headed for the diner, the only issue I had was when I turned onto the Interstate the State had dropped salt all over the ramp, the bike slid around a bit on the salt marbles but stayed up. I arrived at the diner, took a booth and Tree joined me. she was wearing...cage clothes. She said, I figured you would have rode seeing as it was only three miles, I informed her that if I had known she wasn't riding I wouldn't have because it took longer to get ready to ride than the three miles took. 

After breakfast I cruised down through Mystic, the bridge, I found, was a tad slippery, the steel was covered in white ice and the concrete sections were something to avoid. I pretty much angled the bike going onto the bridge and held the line straight across. 

I headed home, put the bike away , walked inside and shed the layers. The weather was what one might call...oh...what's the word?  Oh yeah...COLD.

Bethlehem Steel, The People Who Built America


But I think jeans should "hug" the female form. but, that's just me.

Rammstein - Du Hast

Rammstein Engel (Official Video) HD

Rammstein - Sonne

Rammstein-Ich Tu Dir Weh (official video)

You know what you can't get around here?

I have looked and no one offers one, a FREE 1969 HD. Believe my, I have looked everywhere.

Why would I post that I want a "Free" Classic Harley?

Last week I posted that no restaurants offer Rice with Gandules and pork. Today....

A bowl of the delightful stuff arrived at work for me...

So I figured...

What the hell do I have to lose by mentioning it.

If perchance you have a free 1969 HD and are willing to give it to me, you can reply in the comments section and I will be happy to send you a shipping location.

A New Direction?

The AK-47 Avtomat Kalashnikova the mos recognized weapon in the world, 

The AKM was the undated version of the AK47

Then in the 1970's Avtomat Kalashnikova produced the AK74

What I find truly amazing is that after producing AK48 , how they went on to actual design and build the later models


I would have thought the munchies alone would have made any further development impossible.

Or was that a different AK?

Thanksgiving was for the Dogs, (and 1 cat)


A Damned fine day with way too much to eat

Crazy in our youth

Back when I was 19 years old I had a 1976 Honda 550four which my brother and I (mainly my brother*) chopped. Out cruising with Jerry one day, he on his knucklehead chopper, I decided, in the spur of the moment, to do a little hill climbing. Along the side of of Oral School road there were two cliffs, (a hill cut through for the road). I jumped on the throttle, turned off the road and flew up one side along the edge and down the other. By the time I was halfway up the hill, hardtails having very little give, my feet were now longer on the pegs, they were straight out behind me with my stomach on the seat and just hanging on for dear life. The only thing keeping me on that bike was the firm grip on the bars and a cranked throttle.
I cleared the top and came down the other side back to the road laughing the entire time. Jerry, parked on the road below, was just shaking his head. This would be one of many excursions into the woods, down trails, and regular forays into places street bikes weren't meant to go. We have a tendency in our youth to be fearless and unaware of the possible consequences. 

In my 10-13 years we used to build underground forts in the woods, we built one up on a cliffside and the only way to get to it was a running start down a hill, down a boulder, then jumping a ravine to another cliffside before scampering up to the top of that hill. (Unless you wanted to go swamp wading, which of course being young and dumb we did also). I went back to that cliffside when I was about thirty as a visit to memories. I walked down to the area we used to jump, looked down into that ravine, looked over onto the rocky area we used as a landing area and decided that, as a kid, I was stupid.

(*) My brother could do anything, he was the one that paid attention as my grandfather taught him how to do things, welding, cutting, painting, wood work, metal work, electrical, forging, etc) 

What the have, what I want

The Auction is coming up in Vegas in December, They they have a pretty collection of items up for auction, here is just a taste of what they have...

1948 Ariel Square

1949 Norton

1953 Vincent

1966 Bonneville
1966 Harley Davidson

1973 Triumph Rickman

1911 Excelsior

1912 Indian

1970 FLH

I would love to own each and everyone of the above bikes, but call me soft and sentimental, I have picked out the two I really want to have...

Yes that's a Honda right there,
and so is this one

Why those two instead of all the rest? 

Because I had those, (OK the 550four is a 77 and mine was a 76, but close enough)

I would love some of my early toys back in the toy box..
Now..if I can only find a 1964 Yamaha 80.

(My first girl)