Wednesday, December 31, 2014

motorcycle Sex - HUMOR - The best motorcycle movie

Did you decorate for Christmas?

Mister Daniels put up a tree...

I did my part...

It was easy taking down the decorations after Christmas, well...they sort of went away right away.

Idaho toddler shoots and kills his mother inside Walmart

By now most people have seen this head line, a 2 year old boy reached into his mother's purse and pulled the trigger on her hand gun. Yes it is sad, it is tragic, But what it comes down to is Gun safety. Simple rule of thumb, if you have a round in the chamber, have the safety on, it takes a millisecond to click it off when needed. If the weapon does not have a safety, like the S&W Sigma I owned,

 don't keep a hot chamber, or better yet, do what I did and get rid of it for a handgun with a safety.

Because of a lack of following simple gun safety, a children lost his mother, a husband lost his wife, and a boy gets to go through the rest of it's life knowing he killed his mother.

It's December the 31st !!!!!

Now that Christmas is...BEHIND us...


Monday, December 29, 2014

Dogs, ya gotta love em

Another day on the road

Revisiting a hunting trip we took when I was...younger

First off, I don't camp anymore, being older, it takes longer to revive from a night sleeping on the ground, and I won't even get into how much I hate the cold now. But, when I was younger we camped quite often. One such trip I would like to mention here, i will call it:

"Never go camping with an armed Moron."

It started out normal enough, four guys hiking out into the woods with pup tents, 22 cal. rifles, a bow with arrows, and a dog. None of us knew the Archer was an absolute Moron. We set up camp on a small clearing on the top of a small hill, no one had a level tent but it really wasn't that bad. On the second day, we crawled out of the tents to find the fire was just a few embers beneath a few partially burnt logs and everything was covered with about a 1/2 inch of snow.

Snow has never been one of my favorite things, I went out and found some dry twigs and such under nearby pines for kindling and after a few minutes had the fire going again. The four of us sat around the fire waiting with the dog tied up next to us. I was waiting for the coffee to heat and Gary was cooking up bacon and eggs for everyone. At this point, Moron boy got up, went to his tent and came back out with his bow. Moron was using hunting tips on his arrows, hunting tips are essentially a triangle of steel razor  blades.

He walked up to the fire, Pulled the bowstring back, aimed straight in the air and let it fly. Now, what goes up must come down, Moron it would seem had never heard of Issac Newton's Law of Gravity. The other three of us watched him do this, but it was as if none of us were really paying attention, we sat there, then, without a word to each other, we jumped up and began running away in three different directions. The arrow did just what it was suppose to do, it went up, ran out of momentum then returned to earth. It came straight down into the area of the camp fire. Now, the only one of us that didn't run was the dog, the moron's dog. Now, not really knowing the dog, having just met it the day before, I cannot say if it was aware that it's master was a complete Moron. I would assume it probably had a clue of this but being a dog and faithful it didn't confide this fact to us. The arrow continued it's downward plunge. Now whether because it was tied up, or perhaps just ignorant of it's master's stupidity it just stood there. The arrow missing the dogs head by about an inch proceeded past the dogs ear and struck a rock on the ground after it passed through the dogs front right foot. After the arrow struck, it bounced upward off the rock and passed through the space between the now airborne yelping dogs neck and collar, where it got trapped. I grabbed some bandages out of the first aid kit and wrapped the dogs foot, Gary removed the arrow from the collar and John...well, John punched moron in the face, took his bow and broke it in half with a crook in a tree.
The trip was over at this point. Moron carried his dog out of the woods and for some strange reason was never invited to go with us again.

I bought three large pizza's yesterday...

The idea was to walk in to a building and drop them off as a surprise. The only problem was, I was the one who received the surprise and three pizzas...the place I was going to...was closed.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Raging Rudolph - MADtv


Christmas is a Magical time,
The Snow basking the world in a white wonderland, 
Icicles glinting in the sun as they hang from the houses, 
The cold air making your breath visible as you walk along, the snow crunching beneath your feet.
Children making snowmen,
throwing snowballs,
running downhill on the sleds Santa left them the night before...

or NOT.

Christmas Riding

Motorsports Legend David Hobbs Discusses Career and Safety Technology

I don't feel so good this morning, I can't figure out why

I didn't eat too much yesterday, so that couldn't have been it. 
Breakfast was a bacon egg sandwich, so that shouldn't have been a problem...

Between breakfast and lunch I didn't eat anything bad for me, just some cold shrimp and buffalo chicken dip..

As for lunch, I actually ate healthy food, even ate greens, which I normally avoid...

After Dinner, I had a coffee, 

For the life of me I don't know why my stomach feels messed up today...

We didn't open the Vodka