Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wrong pipe

I got the pipe for the shed today, had it dropped at the house, wrong stuff.

It's a little large for the job, if I were putting in a toilet vent pipe it would be perfect. But since Hurricane Phoenix is on the way, lots of rain, I used it. It is big but I'll make a cut and reduce it later. Right now I just wanted the pipe in the ground and the trench filled in before the heavy rain arrives. I mean a moat is cool, but then I have to get moat monsters and in this economy who can afford the care and feeding of those...

Somewhere during the shoveling operation I seem to have screwed up my knee. It feels like it did before surgery, like there are no stops and it bends the wrong way a bit.

Hurts like a bastard,

But a cup of caffeine, a couple Narcotics...

Should be right as rain..

or at least I wont feel the pain for a while

Deathsport (1978): Part 5/9 (Are those Brammos?)

Brammo Empulse R After the 150 Miles Break-in (Sounds like a 70's future movie bike)

A Sport Bike Rider friend suggested that ya might want to put some playing cards in the spokes

Brammo Empulse

Black Falcon by Falcon Motorcycles

The Kestrel by Falcon Motorcycles

Confederate Motorcycles' third-generation Hellcat, the X132

Motorcycle review: Confederate Motor's P120 Fighter



Need something to drink when you shuck?

Yes, it has Bull Balls in it.

Bon Appétit

Blu toof tauk

Will Pair to phone,
Will Pair to Stereo Adapter
Will Pair GPS Nav.
If it's Bluetooth, it will pair.

A tad more involved than the dual set:

The LX-R6 can be paired with up to five other headsets for intercom communications.

To pair, turn on two headsets that you would like to pair, These will be the A&B sets, press and hold the B button on headset A for six seconds until the LED flashes red and blue alternately. Meanwhile, press and hold the A button of headset B for 6 seconds until the LED flashes red and blue alternately
Short press button A of headset B, or the B button of headset A and wait until connected. 

Then you may pair headset A to C, A and D, A and E, A and F, then B and C, B and D, B and E, B and F, then C and D, A and E, C and F, then D and E, D and F. Then Headset E and F by following the same procedure.

Got that?

Monday, September 28, 2015

It is sometimes important to keep a sense of humor

older bikes


Girl plays three instruments at once! AMAZING!!

water drumming

"Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" on the Glass Armonica

A Simple Song

World's Funniest Classical Music Performances

Typewriter symphony Orchestra

LOOKING FOR A NEW JOB? I figured I'd help you out, 1943 US Navy Training Film

I normally don't have crack

But when I do...

Sometimes I don't understand people

I have a neighbor, 
Last Spring she went on a total yard improvement project. She raked and cleared areas, planted grass, dug up a couple sections for flower beds, planted bushes and most notably fruit trees. She planted a row of peach, pear, and apple trees. The yard looked great, the flowers filled the beds,  and the fruit trees shot upwards. I watched as the fruit began to grow, not a little fruit either b u t loaded trees. Around the middle of August one of the apple trees was so loaded with fruit that the top section bent over, cracked and folded to the ground fruit intact. Here it is almost the end of September,  the lawn is immaculate, the flower beds clear of weeds and still in bloom. The fruit trees are still loaded with fruit, including the broken apple tree. Under the fruit trees lies all the rotted fallen fruit and the remains of the fruit on the trees are all brown, wrinkly,  and rotted.

Why all the care and concern for the grass and flowers but not an inkling of care for the foliage that actually gives you something back. Piles of fruit gone to waste, and the broken bent section still alive wet draped on the ground. I am pretty lazy myself, but at the price of fruit trees I at least would have lift the broken section up, tied it and put in wood posts to steady it so it could mend. 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Eddie Izzard - "Hitler never played Risk as a kid"

Lot's of Food !!! Very little family

I was surprised by the lack of attendance at the Windham County Picnic. The picnic was open to the entire Club and advertised as such. They arranged a ride leaving at 1:30 in the afternoon and lunch at 3pm. The ride arrived at the pond with a total of four bikes, I arrived shortly after since I had to work until 2pm. There was a lot of food provided, sandwich supplies, Fried Chicken, Salads, and deserts. The count for attendance was, well...look at the photo. The only ones not shown are the little girl playing at the beach edge and myself (camera). I have to say, it was good to see Joe out and about, since I missed him at the meeting when Doug and I were in Virginia.

He talked motorcycles and riding, and seems to be doing quite well.

Sometimes you just need a little challenge

I decided, after a day of watching the house settle, that I needed to get out. I backed Charlene out and went for a ride up through Ledyard and North Stonington. Cruising down Shewville road and catching up with a cage, I decided to hook a left onto Wolf Neck rd. As I passed the vineyard, I ran into ground fog, (A curious term, since all fog is on the ground or over water, if it were higher it would be a cloud). Anyway, it was unusual in that the fog was pretty tick but it was low, it was over the headlight but didn't quite reach the windshield, for a moment or two is was like the motorcycle was submerged, the headlight diffused and a bow wave was washing over the fairing. Like I said, it didn't last long and as I approached the small drop for the bridge over Whitford brook, I was totally immersed in the cloud. 

As I crossed the small bridge I felt the front tire dig in, as if it went from rolling to plowing. The entire bike was drifting sideways. It turns out, someone in the Department of Traffic had decided that what Wolf Neck road needed was a good dose of loose gravel, I hit it right in the center lane berm. For a few seconds it was a little washy, and limited visibility. Once the fog cleared and I approached Lantern Hill road, I could see they spread the gravel right across the intersection and continued up Wolf Neck, I opted for Lantern Hill road. 

Don't get the wrong idea, I have driven in loose stone before, often a lot deeper than this was, but there are usually signs out letting you know what you are heading for, and I have never hit it before in fog.

A new experience.

For any WWII history buffs out there

I was just looking through some copies of Life Magazine from 1945 and came across two short tidbits.

New years eve, '44/'45 a gentleman named Paul Stachowiak joined a bunch of other people celebrating the new year in the Chicago area. He ended up at a private residence and a New Years eve party. As the night went on, everyone was partying and he grew a little intoxicated, he started bragging that he was free and that he had escaped. Not everyone at this party was totally inebriated and one person started to listen, after asking around he found that no one had invited Mr. Stachowiak, they all thought someone else had. A quick call to the Police and Mr. Stachowiak was escorted back to his temporary home, a POW camp in near by Rockford. Seems he was one of over 378,000 German POWs held in America along with over 51,000 Italians and 5,000 Japanese.


The next day, January 1st, 1945, across the Atlantic in Occupied Italy, someone had the idea that what the Americans there needed was a Bowl Game. So 25,000 GI's from the Fifth Army and Twelfth Army Air Force, along with WACS and Army Nurses flooded into Florence's Berta Stadium for the "Spaghetti Bowl". Teams were made up of men from both forces and while everyone had hotdogs and watched the game, P-38's flew overhead as CAP in case the Luftwaffe decided to interrupt the party. They never showed and the game went on without a hitch.
(No Score reported)

Revolutionary War

I'm Sure you've heard of the Boston Massacre, and The Battle of  Lexington and Concord, and probably Bunker Hill, Valley Forge, and Yorktown.

But how about...

The Burning of New London, Ct

The Battle of Groton Heights

Battle of Jersey

Kings Mountain

Battle of Saratoga

Guilford Courthouse

Battle of Long Island

Battle of Germantown


The point is, this entire area (New England, New York, New Jersey) is loaded with history, and not just the war of Independence, You also have the War of 1812, The French and Indian wars. Plus just local history, The rivers spawned commerce and Industry. Mills, Ports, Shipping, Whaling, Sealing, Fishing. There was ship building, glass-works, tannery's, rope-walks, Barrel making (Coopers) and the list goes on and on.

There was a time when it took months to go from New London CT to Albany New York, and troops marched it. They used trails and paths which later men widen and search new ways and built roads. Roads which were little more than a strip of dirt and rocks through the trees, roads which became mud ways when it rained. Carriages and wagons took these routes and the months were shortened to weeks. Then paved roads and highways cut through the living rock of the hills and bridges to span rivers and valleys. Many of these roads were built by horse and cart, pick and shovel, then approved upon by technology and machinery.

So here we are today, an hour and a half from New London, down the coast to Old Saybrook, up along the Connecticut River to Springfield and Holyoke, across Massachusetts into New York and up along the Hudson River to Albany, 3 1/2 hours.  We sit back today all impressed with ourselves, "Got on my bike and rode to Massachusetts, New York , New Jersey and Home."

Maybe we should be less proud and more thankful to the backs that were broken and the men who lost their lives building those roads which we so easily take for granted.

Don't get me wrong, take those rides, see the different areas, find that piece of road that gives you joy to ride and share the ride with others. But just remember, all you did was ride the way, you didn't build the damn thing.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Testing retractable roadblocker

Some help with working on your motorcycle

Motorsports nation
20 Excalibur Blvd, Plainfield CT 06374

Motorsports Nation
10 Cross Road Waterford CT. 06385

New England Cycle Works
661 Gold Star Hwy, Groton CT 06340

Columbia Motorsports
111 CT-66  Columbia CT 06237

Russ' Ocean State Harley Davidson
435 Nooseneck Hill Rd Exeter RI 02822

TSI Harley Davidson
398 Somers RD, Ellington, CT 06029

Wagner BMW
770 Boston Tpk, Shrewsbury MA 01545

I hope that helps you out,
and remember, if you have a motorcycle and you want to tinker...
buy one of these   (Malzone)