Thursday, July 5, 2018

Can't see the need

When I sold Jenny I reduced the insurance bill from $845.00 to $642.00.
I really can't see the need to keep the insurance that high for Charlene with her not running. I had $300,000. / $300,000.  plus towing and roadside, plus medical $300,000./ $300,000. plus collision total coverage and finally theft flood fire etc.
For a bike that is parked I dropped just about all of it. It is at the bare minimum right now. Hopefully that will keep motor vehicle off my ass and save some money. Still, it costs $310.00 for  minimal coverage so, that moneys gone.

Seems every time AI get a little ahead to get here fixed, something comes up.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Another Military Vet.

Before the D-Day Veteran LST-510 (Landing Ship Tank) Cape Henlopen served as one of the Cross Sound ferries we had a younger ship, a LSM (Landing Ship Medium). LSM 494. "MV Plum Island". (Motor Vessel)

 I loved this ship as a kid, the 1960's were a different time, and you were allowed to walk anywhere and everywhere on the run across the LI Sound. I remember walking up on the side walkways, the grates billowing heat, the decks shaking under me feet as they accelerated, Great Boats. This ship served in the Pacific as part of the Occupation Fleet
State pier new London behind

Parked South end Thames river, Under Water Sound Lab behind.

Central Vermont Railway, New Haven Railroad  Union Station in background, New London Ct.

Along the pier in New London


Awards, Citations and Campaign Ribbons
 American Campaign Medal
 Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal - World War II Victory Medal - Navy Occupation Service Medal (with Asia clasp)

LSM-1 Class Landing Ship Medium:

  • Laid down, 10 March 1945, at Brown Shipbuilding Co., Houston, TX.
  • Launched, 31 March 1945
  • Commissioned USS LSM-494, 8 May 1945, LT. Blanchard G. Sanders USNR in command
  • During World War II USS LSM-494 was assigned to the Asiatic-Pacific Theater:
    LSM Flotilla Fifteen;LSM Group Forty-Four;LSM Division Eighty-Eight;
  • Following World War II USS LSM-494 was assigned to Occupation service in the Far East from 19 October 1945 to 22 January 1946
  • Decommissioned, 2 November 1946, at Green Cove Springs, FL.
  • Laid up in the Atlantic Reserve Fleet, Florida Group, Green Cove Springs
  • Struck from the Naval Register, date unknown
  • Sold in 1958, to New London Freight Lines, New Orleans, LA.
  • Resold, date unknown, renamed MV Plum Island and placed in service between New London, CT. and Long Island, date unknown
  • Final Disposition, fate unknown
    Displacement 520 t.(light), 743 t. (landing) 1,095 t.(fully loaded)
    Length 203' 6" (ovl)
    Beam 34' 6"
    light, 3' 6" forward, 7' 8" aft
    fully loaded, 6' 4" forward, 8' 3" aft
    Speed 13.2 kts. (max.), (928 tons displacement)
    5 officers
    54 enlisted
    one twin bow mounted 40mm gun
    four single 20mm gun mounts
    Vehicle/Boat Capacity 5 medium or 3 heavy tanks, or 6 LVT's, or 9 DUKW's
    Fuel Capacity
    Diesel 1,225 Bbls
    Troop Accommodations
    2 officers
    46 enlisted
    Armor 10-lb. STS splinter shield to gun mounts, pilot house and conning station
    Endurance 4,900 miles @ 12kts.(928 tons displacement)
    two General Motors (model GM 16-278A, reversible with hydraulic clutch) Diesel engines, direct drive with 1,440 BHP each @ 720rpm
    Ship's Service Generatorstwo Diesel-drive 100Kw 450V Diesel-drive 20Kw 120V D.C.
    twin propellers, 2,800shp