Monday, October 16, 2017

Buddy Hackett joke

Two farmers in Pennsylvania meet on the road dividing their fields. 

"Hey Irvan, how you doon?" 

"I'm Doon fine, you?"

"Not bad, but people, kids, youngsters, they go into my corn fields and make a mess, they leave their garbage all over the place, beer bottle, trash, used rubbers, How goes it with your wheat?"

"My wheat?... Fucked Flat"

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Yamaha unveiling new Electrics

Yamaha is bringing two new items to the table at this years Japanese Auto Show, the first is the Motorcycle, the MOTOROiD.

Yamaha has yet to release the technical information on the bike. The looks of the bike are radical with high voltage cylindrical batteries where the engine would be and cables running to the rear hub indication the rear end utilizes a traction style motor axle.

The rear suspension is unique in that the rear shock is mounted beneath the swing arm. The bike has a wrap around seat-back which holds the rider in a Sport Bike like position, the steering is operated by dual pistol grips, Yamaha says, "The riding position along with new technology allows the bike to interact with the rider like a living creature".

The second electric Yamaha is bringing is the MWC-4,
a tandem seat, four wheeled vehicle which turns like a motorcycle.

The unit is Hybrid-ish in that it is powered by batteries but has a range extending gasoline generator for extended riding. Yamaha says the design was inspired not only by it's motorcycles but also by the Musical Instruments the Company also makes.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

You know you're kid will be better than you at electronic devices...

It's a simple truth, they will be. You don't need to teach them much. You show a kid how to sign onto an electronic device and it two weeks they can teach you how to use it.

You know why? 

1. A child's natural curiosity will do most of it, they will search every nook and cranny open to them, every key click available will be clicked.

2.. A lack of fear, they can do all those things on a computer because they don't worry about messing anything up. They don't have to pay any bills for aps purchased, viruses received, are glitches discovered. It leaves them free to explore, you're there for the bigger issues.



Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Today someone goes on a theft and killing spree, people witness the events, cameras film them, they are pursued and caught, they get lawyers, the lawyers make money, the losing lawyers appeal, the case goes forward again, the lawyers make money. The public pays, they pay for the food and keeping of the criminal in a over flowing prison system. the public pays if the person needs but can't afford a lawyer. The criminal sits in prison then because the system is over taxed they are released on parole. the public again pays when the criminal kills or steals again.

Where is our country of old? negative behavior received punishment. In the Old west, if the judge found you guilty you were guilty, no appeal, there's the rope. in the 1930's you were met with force. Bonnie and Clyde were ambushed and machine gunned. No up roar from the population. the people saw the need and it was accepted.

People came from all around to see the bodies.

The car was displayed for money, fakes were even created and went around at fairs to make money. No outcry, Criminals killed people, criminals stole, criminals died.

Perhaps those days should return, perhaps if people found that there could be consequences t their actions there would be less violent criminal activity. perhaps the jails would be less full. They sure wouldn't make parole. In certain countries murderers and drug dealers are taken to the basement cell of the courthouse. That cell has a beveled floor with a drain in the middle. Trial, judgement, execution. Next case.

Want to see the car? It's in a casino, Whiskey petes resort