Saturday, June 3, 2017

Not ready for the ride yet

Pancake called me the other day to see what I would be doing Saturday and if I wanted to ride. Dumb question, of course I did, and I told him I know the perfect road, it's off route 201 in Jewett City CT. He turned down that idea...

If you don't remember the road in Jewett City, here's a reminder...

Anyway, he has been chomping at the bit to ride again and the doctor gave him a well, let's say, begrudging approval. So this afternoon after driving around doing some chores in the cage earlier in the day, he hopped on the Minion Mobile

and headed over the State Line to meet me. I can say that this was one of the shortest rides I have ever been on, by the time he got to my house he realized he was done. We hung out at the house for a while so his pain could subside and after a few hours he headed home, I decided to tag along most of the way to make sure there were no issues. One stop for smokes and we hit the road (184). We made it to North Stonington where we pulled over because he was hurting. At this point he informed me that the issue was with his right leg, it wasn't really doing what it was suppose to and he couldn't really move it much. I asked him if he realized that the right leg is the one that works the rear brakes, but he said it was OK because he still had fronts.

I followed him to the 78/1 interchange and I headed home. I know he made it there alright because I texted him later to see how he was doing. Of course that was about 3 hours later so if he WAS in a ditch or something he would have been there a while. (Don't tell Linda that).

At least now he knows he is progressing with the healing and that he is not ready to do any two wheel excursions for a while.

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