Monday, June 12, 2017

Where it was and where its at

It started as part of the Rocky Point Amusement park in Warwick RI. - The Rocky Point Shore Dinner hall.

Then later is was replaced by a newer building...

Today, it looks like this

But, it's hard to get rid of what people like, so with the Amusement Park closed, and the end of RI Red Chowder (Pink), Fritters, and clams, Someone opened the Rocky Point Chowder House just up the road from T.F. Greene Airport . But Alas..that also succumbed to progress.

But fear not... All the stuff is available again...
Rocky Point Clam Shack (Same owner as the Chowder House)

Closer Now in Dunns Corners

I am surprised they switched from Rhode Island's own Saugy hot Dogs to Fenway franks though)

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