Wednesday, June 14, 2017

I rather doubt it's what he meant

With the way Mclaren Honda have not earned a point this year in Formula One, as a matter of fact making it to the finish line has been a major challenge, Fernando Alonso said he would stay with the team if they could win a race.

The past few years have been a challenge for him to put up with the constant engine failures. 

Previously the drivers took the failures well in hopes that the future would improve for them..

Like climbing the podium while the race was still going on to pose for podium photos since they had both failed to finish.

or making the most of the during race rest time 

Or trying his hand at a circuit camera mans job.

This year though it has become increasingly hard to stay positive

Truly hard when actually in for a point in Canada, the car dies with two laps left of the race.

Even his Indy race Honda failed, but that at least had allowed him to race, and lead the race for quite a while. With the current Honda F1 engine, he pretty much runs around the track getting passed. Down on power and with almost no reliability, Alonso stated he would stay at McLaren if they could win a Race.

Before the Canadian Grand Prix, Formula One brought back the Canal basin Team raft race, where out of specific limited supplies, each team has to build, in a specific amount of time a Raft. then race it across the basin and back.

 Mclaren won that race and one reporter stated "Alonso said he'd stay if McLaren won, So he can't quit now" 

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