Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Speaking of Seagulls, Here's a Reminder

Remember to check your tires regularly and watch where you are riding< each area can have it's own hazards. Dense forests can mean wet pine needles on the road which can cause the wheels to wash out from beneath you. Sand in the corners, Rain and crosswalks. If you have to pull into a breakdown area be conscience of whats laying around, everything dropped from vehicles ends up there, bolts, screws, clamps, pieces of Tire.

So remember, even things you wouldn't think are harmful can turn on you. In 2011 I was leading a Thursday night ride and was planning to come back from East Haddam, up Mount Parnassus, and down through Devils Hopyard. Unfortunately, the rear tire went down in Millington. Three of us stayed as the rain rolled in waiting for the flat bed.  Do you remember what caused it?

A Damned Seagull. 

So you are riding through Mystic or Stonington and there are shells in the road, try to avoid them. They are dropped there by seagulls to break the shells open.

What you end up with is a Quahog shard in your tire.

Of course, if John (Wolfie) is around, you may get a necklace made from it.

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