Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dauntless - Adjective

Dauntless, Unable to be Daunted, Showing fearlessness or determination.

Back a thousand years ago, the Club would award, at every Banquet, The "Dauntless Rider" Trophy. It is a trophy most of us would strive Not to achieve. It meant you had crashed sometime that year. It also meant you didn't give up, you got back on your sled and kept cruising (often after some sort of Hospital Stay or Visit). the recipient would keep the Trophy one year, at which time it would be earned by the person who was recognized for doing the same. It is not the most attractive trophy, some might even say, it's a tad on the Fugly side. In the event of more than one person qualifying the result would be determined by amount of damage incurred, personal or machine. 

In this picture I am not sure who is giving and who is receiving. The trophy is still around, and it is looking pretty bad by this time, but that may make it more fitting. The last person to take it home would be Gerald Miner, after putting his Lowrider into the pavement and turning his clavicle into a two piece structure instead of one piece.

I don't believe it has been engraved in years, and this was awarded during construction on the meeting room instead of during the banquet.

For myself, I would like to see it come back into service, it is a piece of Club history.

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