Friday, June 23, 2017

Lately everybody is telling me to eat healthy

Let's face it, eating healthy can and often does suck.

They tell me to watch what I eat,
trust me, I do, there isn't much I enjoy more than watching the grease and cheese drip off a burger.

Bacon Mac and Cheeseburger

grilled Quad

jalapeno pepperjack cheese burger


Mcdonalds secret menu  Monster Mac

Muffaletta Burger

Pulled Pork coleslaw cheese burger

pulled pork grilled habanero cheeseburger

just done right

The Sink trap burger

Grilled Onion/bacon cheeseburger
Then there is Dyers in Memphis, a Place that Burger Grease is King. This is the same grease they opened the business with way back before people worried about grease. Every new burger adds a little of it own grease to the batch.

When they surface ..they are ready.

Eating a burger should be like eating a real Jamaican beef patty, you hold it with two hands, extend the elbows outward, so the grease can roll across the palm of your hands then down the arms and drip off at the elbow. Extended outward means the grease lands on the ground and not your pants. It's a perfected technique.

then of course, in Norwich Ct, there is the Rodney Burger at Olde Tymes. battered Deep fried, served on  a grilled roll with beef gravy and american cheese, topped off with jalapenos.  (No photo available)

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