Wednesday, June 14, 2017

How far does freedom of speech allow

I was taught growing up that the freedom of Speech is an important Right to protect, but the Freedom of Speech itself had rules. Threatening others, hate speech, these were always illegal. But in today's society it appears to OK to joke about it. Even when the Jokes reflect the persons beliefs. When we allow or for that matter pay people to promote those anti-anyone sentiments and allow those doing so to be treated as exempt from prosecution by hiding behind a non understood Freedom of Speech act, who's at fault?

It is Not the part of the Freedom of Speech to :

"Incite actions that would harm others".

There was a political shooting at a baseball game in Alexandria Virginia today. A person opened fire on members of the GOP. wounding several people. Does this nation support violence against any of it's population?

At one time voicing a violent intention was considered intent to perform such action or at least inciting others to do so, and it was illegal. 

But I guess it's OK nowadays, after all we allow comedians to promote murdering the President.

Inciting action to harm someone? I guess not, if it were it wouldn't be allowed right?

The funny thing is, I don't understand how anyone could possibly select a particular political party for targeting. many of the problems with this country are political in nature, and they are perpetuated by both parties. When you have people running a Government who are more interested in maintaining their position or that of their parties than for the good of the Nation, it should be time for a change of policy. But Shooting them may be on the Extremist side.

In the mean time, how about we take a look at the Freedom of speech, see what the limitations are and prosecute those hiding behind it to promote their beliefs or careers.

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