Thursday, June 1, 2017

L.E.M.C. - Who?

More and more L.E.M.C.s are showing up. LEMC in case you aren't familiar with the anagram stands for Law Enforcement Motorcycle Clubs.

There are quite a few online articles questioning the reasoning behind Law Enforcement wearing Rockers, and whether or not these Clubs undermine the Law Enforcement image.

One question is why Members of Law Enforcement would want to assume the image of an Outlaw.

Myself I like the looks of a three piece patch, Club emblem, Club name, and where you represent.

The problem is we have allowed certain designs to become representative of certain ideals. Even the MC has in some places come to be representative of an outlaw biker club. The truth is MC is simply short for Motorcycle Club. It shouldn't be owned by anybody. Those two letters were in use long before most outlaw clubs. But still, clubs everywhere are being forced to wear a RC patch instead. Riding Clubs are actually associated with Horseback riders. 

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