Monday, June 5, 2017

How was your weekend?

How was mine?
Let me show you...My Weekend.

I decided Charlene needed a good cleaning so I stripped her down and went at it...

Then I decided to take Jenny out for a run, since she is up for sale I decided to keep her in instant start and run shape. I stood her up off the kickstand and failed to notice she came up under the control panel on the snow blower. How do you knock some instant value off a bike...Remove a couple lines of paint from the tank. And of course it scrapped on the way up and on the way back to the stand. Two lines. 

The snowblower almost went through the garage wall but I realized, it would just be Another expense repairing it and the garage wall.

Oh yeah...
Then there's this...

One Hot water heater shit the bed.

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