Monday, October 31, 2016

Lane, was she blonde maybe in her low thirties, late twenties?

I went down through Mystic the other day and had two occasions to almost meet young blonde women. The first time was as I crossed onto Coogan Blvd and started up the hill. A Blonde in a SUV decided she had to cross into the gas station. She cut diagonally across the road in front of me. I locked up the brakes, went a little sideways, stopped, gave her a dirty look then continued on. Honestly that incident wasn't anyone's fault, it's more a design error having a gas station entrance on a hill, on a slight corner, at an intersection with multiple lanes. 

A half hour later, having left the grocery store with a full Tour-Pack. I came down off Coogan onto Rte 27, Passed under the highway and was in the left lane to go straight up route 27 to Old Mystic. Another Blonde in another SUV decided that was the perfect time to shoot out of the Dunkin Donuts across four lanes onto the entrance ramp for I-95 south. Once again it was lock up time.  Part of this was a delay because of dumbfoundness. I watched her pull out, then cross both lanes, this is when I applied the brakes, she went across in front of me and onto the south bound ramp. I can't say if she ever saw me at all. 

So, If the one Lane met was blonde and driving an SUV it will make three identical Mystic threats. 

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