Thursday, October 6, 2016

Isn't it funny how time changes time.

Back when I was 15 we used to go swimming at the Quarry, as I mentioned in the previous post. One of the girls hanging around with us was a pretty thing called Anita Sherman. She was adorable, everyone wanted to be with her. Unfortunately she was hanging around with one of my friends brothers. Being an older man I paid no attention to quite a few of the girls, they were 12 and under developed. Anita had a ...well, she was well made, not large in the chest but she had a chest. She and my buddy's brother broke up and she started hanging around with me as I was working on my Honda 80.

One day as I was working on the bike she threw her arms around me and kissed me, then took off. Me being at that age was impressed, and was in a good mood for a couple days. She showed back up and we were talking and somewhere along the line we got to talk about being almost grown up, (15, and waiting for 16 to get a license). She mentioned she had a way to go, she was 12. Twelve??!!!!  Oh MY GOD!!! This just wouldn't work out! I couldn't be seen dating a 12 year old at my extended age. So I dumped her. She went away crying and I felt like crap but, my dignity was upheld.

What an absolute moron a 15 year old can be. Peer pressure is a stupid thing. A girl two years younger, unseemly. I was getting ready for High school, she had just STARTED Junior High. A person of the age for High School cannot be seen with a girl who would be in the eighth grade.

I look back on the differences age made over the years in dealing with many things and it is pretty stupid to a person who is on the downward side of 50. A three year difference is nothing, I have been with women around 20 years my junior and a few who were ...lets say more mature, and age differences as one grows older means nothing.

I often wonder what ever happened to her, She moved away a year later. She was a sweetheart and adorable. It's one of those choices I look back on with regret. Sort of like turning down a Job at Pfizer when I got out of High School. At 18 who the hell wants to work rotating shifts. That would be 1978,  In 2008 I would have had thirty years, and that was all pre-Pfizer employee purging. I would be retired, a nice pension, Stock from Viagra sales, medical coverage, perhaps a part time job to kill some time.  Oh no, 18 year olds know best. So I sit here at work, posting this, When I could be...out on a bike somewhere...anywhere.

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