Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Thank You Harley Davidson

If you haven't heard, I was riding Charlene the other night and the check engine light came on, the Engine Warning light came on, the ABS light came on and by the time i arrived at home the battery was dead.
I knew the problem was either the Alternator or the regulator, I ordered the regulator because it made more sense (and I could afford and change that myself). I went online to J&P and ordered it, half the price of what Harley was asking. The item arrived today,
Nice shiny new part. Doesn't fit the bike, but it was shiny and new.

But doesn't look like this one.

I contacted J&P, told them their application was in error, that this does not fit the 2012 FLHTK. They issued a UPS return tag and it is on the way back. 
I went on the Harley Forum and found a lot, a LOT of people are having issues with these regulators. I called Harley Davidson  to see if they were issuing a recall. Here's what I was told.

Back in 2012 Harley sent out letters to all 2012 owners informing them to bring their bikes into the dealer to have the regulator numbers inspected. If the item fell into the specified group, the item was replaced. I received no such letter and told the person so, he asked if I bought the bike new, I said yes, Silence on the other end. Then, "Well, Harley Davidson did all it will do concerning the regulators with the letters sent out in 2012".

So, i ordered one from another site on-line, this one looks just like the one on the bike. Until it arrives....

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