Saturday, August 5, 2017

Let's see if you knew this....(Dead Pool)

Dead Pool was a cartoon character, a person turned to a mutant that could regenerate. He was one of the darker cartoon characters, often being damaged in rather gory ways but healing and coming back for justice. He was not what anyone would call politically correct, he was well lets say crude. With a lot of smart remarks when things went right or wrong.

Ryan Reynolds love this character so much he lobbied hard to have the movie made and after a long hard fight they finally made it.

Like the Cartoon character, lots of whimsical smart remarks and actions...

Fighting Colossal breaks both arms and feet against the metal giants body....then...

then being dragged away handcuffed, cutting off his hand and leaving it as a message while he falls off the bridge to get away...

All in all a very funny, if totally unfit for children Cartoon character movie.

But did you know...
During the planning and making of the movie Reynolds would refer to the movie in texts with Emojis 
the Studio caught on and actually liked it so much the first billboard ads where Emoji ads.

For the Emoji illiterate the studios also used regular imagery. 

So if you haven't seen this movie and don't mind some off color language, a tad bit of blood, some suggestive innuendo or Ryan Reynolds, I suggest you see it.

"Have you seen this man?"

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