Sunday, August 13, 2017

Charlene : Yes and No

As you know Charlene developed an electrical problem, I removed the oil cooler and regulator and replaced the regulator.

Doug's back and leg has been bothering him but he needed a short ride before he went nuts. Charlene is not operating the way she should. You start her up and she puts out about 10 volts at idle, she puts out about 12 volts with the throttle wide open in first and second gears, for some reason when you shift to fourth the volt meter jumps into action, she starts putting out 13.5 volts. Cruising along in fourth and above she stays there unless you turn off the radio, spots and speakers, then she jumps to 14.5 and as long as your cruising it stays there.

I jumped on her anyway and headed to Rhode Island. 184 to rte 27 in Old Mystic, through the twists on 234 over to Pawcatuck and route 1. Into Westerly, made the loop, went by the train station (I'm hungry, need breakfast) onto route 91 which I took out to Dunns Corners Road.

Took the left onto route 1 and headed to Dougs.
After a short visit we started the bikes, Charlene was...let's say reluctant to turn over, but she did. From Dougs the the Mobil station at Dunns Corners the Volt meter never made it up to 12 volts, I had half a tank, Doug filled up, I hit route 1 and opened the throttleto get her charging. I returned met Doug and he took us east out along the Rhode Island shoreline on route 1. I passed on the fuel fill up in order to get the charge. From the time we cranked them up on route 1 she went right to 14.5 (with spots, and audio accessories turned off) We made the U-turn in Charlestown to grab route 1 west and then route 2 north. We made a stop for breakfast (still starving) at the Old Mill Diner at 112 and 2. Good feed. Doug led us back onto 2 towards Kingston. Just before the route 138 and 2 Intersection I passed him for the lead, we headed down 138 to the train station, looped under 138 and got back on it north and back to 2. He had never been to Rhode islands Premier Ski resort so I took him to Yawgoo Valley. There aren't many ski areas where you arrive at the top of the hill then drive down to the Ski lodge. leaving there we picked up route 2 and I took him to Rhode Island Veterans Cemetery. For the smallest State in the Union it has one of the nicest Veterans cemeterys, lots of memorials to every branch, group of people and war. very well done. he had never been there so why not let him see, If you haven't been I suggest you take the time to do so, It is set up like a park, very well done.

From there we took 2 out to 102 then 3 down to 165 and back to Connecticut. We grabbed 49 off 165 and did some speed through the corners. A right onto Hodge Pond road, out to Gilliver, a left on route 201, down through the twists, onto route 2 in North Stonington a stop at Dunkin and we split up. It wasn't a long ride, but after not riding for so long it was a welcome ride and the weather could not have been better.

but, Charlene does need shop time, she used to idle will a little over 12 volts on the gauge not 10 or 11.

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