Thursday, August 10, 2017

Let me tell you a short story...

Shortly after my Brother passed away in 1987 I took on the chore of occasionally taking my sister in law (Mary) places or picking her up from places. On one occasion I had to pick her up at the Westerly Rhode Island Roller rink (My Uncle was a coach and long time competitor) While I was waiting rink side for Mary to finish what ever it was she was doing, I noticed a rather pleasant distraction. Out on the rink was a young lady going through Roller Skate practice. This girl was fairly young (I assumed at the time 18 or 19), she was pretty good and not hard to look at. While I was watching her Mary came up behind me and was watching me watching her.

 "Good isn't she?" Mary said. 
 "Not bad, not bad at all", I answered. 
"Cute too", My sister in law said.
"Yes she is" I replied.
"Well get your mind out of the gutter, and keep your hands off her", Mary stated.
I looked at her rather confused.
"That is your Cousin Katie" Mary said.

Now I was totally confused,
For cousins there were Steve, Debbie, Tracy, Keith, Michael, and Timmy.

"Katie who?!!"

"Tom's daughter" replied Mary.

At this point I should say, I have never ever been one of those Family people. I didn't and still don't do picnics, get-togethers, weddings or parties and such. As a matter of fact you usually don't see me unless someone dies. (I'm sort of the family grim reaper)

Tom wasn't really much older than my brother was...

"Tom had a kid?"

As Mary walked away I heard, "You're hopeless."

File photo, no relation
Oh by the way...18 or     
13 or 14


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