Monday, July 10, 2017

You can keep the beach

I went to Ocean Beach tonight at 4:30 til 5:15pm. You can have it. Bumper to Bumper from Mitchell college all the way down, I guess it's OK if you're into old cars, for interest. I was going to stick around to see who showed, but..I decided to have one of the beaches delicious Cheeseburgers. What can I say about the burger, The tomato and lettuce were fresh and crisp, the roll OK, the pickle excellent. As for the meat...I'm not sure it was meat, it had no flavor and the texture of biting into a skinless baked potato. rather like mush but not quite tofu. For $5 and change it was a hell of a deal.
Can I get a little ketchup and mustard on that?

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