Thursday, July 20, 2017

Y'all missed the Rhode Island Clam Chowder Fountain

              I picked up clam chowder the other day, a quart, ate the first half night before last. Last night I decided to finish it, I sat down in the living room and had supper, the second half of the chowder was nothing but salt, couldn't finish the broth so I set it down. 
Around 11:30 last night, after falling asleep watching a movie, I decided to clean up before heading to bed, I picked up my empty coffee cup and dropped it in another styrofoam cup. I forgot there was chowder left in it, When the cup din't go down into the other one I thought there may have been a napkin or paper towel in the bottom cup so I slammed my had down forcing the top cup down.

   Now if any of you ever took physics you would know that a fluid cannot be compressed, so it blasted out between the cups causing a three foot fountain of greasy, salty, oniony, seafoody slime. It covered the table, the floor; me; and my recliner. Suede does not take well to nasty greasy fluids, but I spent the next hour trying to get it cleaned up.

     The chair looks pretty good this morning, but the house smells like Captain Two Balls House of Clams restrooms.

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