Sunday, July 16, 2017

My Girl is having....issues

Charlene was not performing as well as I would have wished this weekend. We had just arrived in Mystic when she started complaining. I was hoping for a simple cup of coffee, perhaps a bit to eat, but she started sending me signals that she wanted to go home and right then. So I took her home..

She left me no choice, I had to open her up.

Sorry, wrong Girl picture, Charlene, Sherry, Lisa, it just gets so confusing sometimes.

We were riding down into town when the check engine light lit up, my first thought was that she had hit a service mark, but no. We were on West Main street when the red battery discharge light came on, a quick look at the amp gauge showed, instead of her normal 14 volt output, she was producing 10.  I headed up route 27 to I-95, there her ABS light came on, funny, but losing ABS seems to affect the brakes as a whole. When I pulled into the yard, opened the garage and brought her in the Amp gauge was at 0 and the headlight was barely lit. Shutting her off put her at complete dead.

So, when I get the finances straightened out (if ever) she will be going to the shop for what appears to be a new alternator, a rear tire and her 25,000 mile service.

Until then....I guess..

I'll sit around staring at the F#@king Walls.

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