Wednesday, January 11, 2017

When is a clubhouse not a clubhouse

It's funny, there are all types of clubs and groups you can belong to, many have places of their own, let's call these clubhouses. Clubhouses often have meeting rooms, day rooms, kitchens, televisions, sound systems, billiard tables etc. It's a place to go to on a night off and hang out with other members shooting pool, watching a movie or a game. I was a member of a Firehouse for years (volunteer) and there was always someone there and something to do. It's nice this time of year when the weathers crappy, instead of sitting around at home, you go to where people are. Motorcycle Clubs are different, sure we have all that stuff (except the billiards table, but it is a different type of organization, it's more meeting to ride somewhere, then afterwards heading home. 99% of the time the building sits dormant unless there is a meeting or an event.
I was mentioning to Pancake the other day, how much I miss the Firehouse days. Trouble is, time has past, most of my friends are either gone or dead.  Hanging out there now as an old dude amoungst a bunch of 18 through 32 year olds....not really fun.

Pancake said he had the same problem, there has to be something to do away from the house on boring evenings, he found something, so I went along for the ride. 

Get out of work in New London at 4pm, drive home, get picked up Pancake and driven back to the same road in New London at 6pm.

It's funny, if you ever get a chance, try to get a animated photo of Pancake "actually" hitting a ball.

Then I found another Club member there...
He actually makes contact between the cue and the ball

Actually ol' Pancake did pretty good, I was surprised.

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