Sunday, January 15, 2017

Another visit

Another look at Countries who's history cannot be summed up with a few wars, or a couple centuries.
Sometimes I feel sorry for the peoples of these proud lands. Born to it, surrounded by it, and most likely oblivious to it on a daily basis. Sure they know most or at least some of their history, as we do ours. But living amidst the splendor humans quite often forget to see it, or grow immune to the awe the creations where built to inspire. For us, if we visit, and actually look at the detail we are amazed by it. As a comedian once said, We look with pride at a building we restored to "the way it was 100 years ago". In Europe there is so much history it gets in the way, the road turns here and there because of another damned castle.

Look not only at the buildings, but the reliefs carved into them, the artwork that saturates them, and even the roads and landscape surrounding them.

How many soldiers walked these streets, both friend and foe, how many bled their last blood or drew their last breath where we walk today. 

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