Friday, January 27, 2017

Don't spank your kids!!!

Don't hit the child, use a time out. Today's views on child discipline are damn stupid.You have entire generations growing up without understanding right from wrong. The me generation, I want what I want and I don't care what you say about it. No concept of respect for others either, they want what you have and that's it. How many time have you seen a parent scold a child and the child keeps right on mis-behaving. Can't hit your child. Give them a time out.

Let me explain how I learned right from wrong, it was called, "There are consequences for your actions"  Growing up my Father never laid a hand on us, he didn't have to, he was the threat. As a small child I received spankings, barehanded, against my bare butt. Didn't matter where we were, pants dropped whack whack whack, pant's up. Sometimes I think the embarrassment caused a better behavior than the spanking. As we got older it was forsythia branches. We would be told to go out and grab a branch, if we picked anything too green or too light she went out and grabbed a nice sturdy strong one. For her having to go get one, it added to the whippings.

We had four of these in my back yard and a dozen across the front of the yard.

She once broke a yardstick on my ass, which by the way..made her madder. Truth is, the hit's stung, but except for a redness, no damage, the sting was enough.

As for "Time out" no such thing, it was called standing in a corner. Growing up I had a reserved parking space for myself every Sunday after church. I never liked church, and wouldn't behave. Wound too tight to sit in one spot while people sang and bellowed. So we would get home my mother would yell at me, spank me and put me in the corner. I spent so much time in the corner, to this day I can still remember the smell of the painted walls.

The truth be told, if there are no consequences to ones actions, there is no learning. It's like the Son of a Car dealership owner who keeps taking the different cars out and crashing them. If he doesn't have to ever pay for it or get punished for it, he keeps right on doing it.

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