Friday, January 20, 2017

The press was harping on Trump this morning

The quote from the press, "Mister Trump has no Latinos picked for his cabinet, this hasn't happened since the Reagan Administration."

Well, here's another tidbit for the moronic press, As far as I know, Mister Trump has, Black, Asian, male and female. The reason I would think is that because it's a cabinet not the UN. The people chosen should be chosen because he believes they are the most qualified to do the job. It is absolutely foolish to turn down someone who is highly qualified for someone who isn't just because that person is a specific race, creed, color or sex.  Discrimination is discrimination, Choosing someone who is Latino over someone who is black or white simply because of their heritage is wrong. White Black, Asian, Latino, green or plaid, the idea is to try and pick the most effective qualified people for the job.

But then, the press no longer seems to look at what is right or wrong, what is just or unjust, they look at what will stir the pot and cause more followers for themselves. Someone shoots someone of a different race and it is automatically blasted across the papers and news services as a incident involving two different races, whether that was the reason or not. Do they expound on the hundreds of murders, shootings, assaults perpetrated by and on members of the same race? No of course not. Not a story there, doesn't sell news time.

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