Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Lunch Munch suggestions

Bacon Onion Rings....Who needs batter when you have ...Bacon

Perhaps what you need is a little cheese, because sour cream is a waste. A jalapeno or two, wrap them in Bacon and have bacon jalapeno poppers

Or how about a nice order of wings, Chicken wings are always good, you can do Buffalo, Garlic / Parmesan, Hickory smoke, It doesn't matter, it's all good, and what makes wings better is wrapping them in Bacon.

You can always take the short cut and just run with the bacon.

there is always the Bowl method to make things a little fancier, bacon Bowls.

Of course the best reason for having a bacon bowl is so you have some place to put...

the rest of the bacon!!!

Did I mention Dessert?

Bacon wrapped Donuts

and just for a change of pace..

Chicken fried bacon

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