Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Charlie Hunnam was on Television Yesterday

First I have to ask, why is it, the British do excellent American accents. His portrayal of Jax on Sons of Anarchy never hinted of having an accent of someone from Newcastle upon Tyne. Just like Damian Lewis playing Lt/Capt./Major Winters in Band of Brothers.

Mister Hunnam plays King Arthur in the new Movie by Guy Richie, (Probably has a British accent in that film).

On this talk show it was brought out that he has the 2010 Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glide Sport he rode in Sons. The way he went about getting it was a little different. he rode it home off the set. He later told them since the bike isn't going back, they should send him the Pink slip. his reasoning was, "I made them a Ton of money in the eight years on Sons"  He got the Pink Slip.

As for the New King Arthur Movie, Guy Richie had the Japanese sword makers create a Excalibur sword for Charlie's collection, took 6 months to make.

Jax and the "Acquired Super Glide"

Damian Lewis as Lieutenant Winters

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