Sunday, May 21, 2017

A different world

Last week I mentioned how I missed the exhaust volume of the Super Glide, so I did some drilling, and modifying and brought the exhaust note of the limited up a bit.

It's not the same thing, A dyna has a nice slow idle and thumps, a limited idles a bit faster which produces a bit of a roar. It's OK but I found something out yesterday, the dyna is about leaning into the corners, and just having a good time. You carry what you wore and thats pretty much it, the Limited?

Well the Limited is like your Living room couch. you want to spend the day on her, just cruising the roads, I don'rt know about you, but when I'm on the couch I watch television, there's no TV on a bike, but there is a radio. Did you know a radio sounds better when you can hear it?

last night I removed the pipes, took them apart, tossed all the shims and re-added the baffle plates. Today, it's like being back with an old friend. She purrs along, hard over into the corners, climbs the hills, races along the straights and it's comfortable and the Music coming off the radio is discernible. I think she'll stay like that.

The Dyna world and the Limited world are almost worlds apart.

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