Saturday, May 13, 2017

A little more volume

The design was originally called Supertraps, it is a series of baffle rings with an end cap. Each ring is conical allowing a small gap when placed together with others and all are capped off.

This forces the exhaust out sideways through the plates. the more plates you add the more exhaust escapes, the louder it gets.

Harley Davidson uses that design on their Screaming Eagle Nightstix.

The main difference is that Harley's design is tuned to a specific sound. Note the security hex so as not to allow tampering. Plus Harley offers no additional plates.

With Jenny, (2007 Super Glide), now stored un-registered I found myself missing the exhaust volume. So I decided to give Charlene, (2012 Ultra Limited), a little more sound. So the first test was to drill out the securing bolts holding the baffle assembly in place.

This allowed the removal of the power ring.

But, unlike the photo above, Harley (again) does not have this part serviced separately. Their design incorporates the actual exhaust pipe. 

I took the bike out for a ride sans pipes... this was loud, too loud, with a tinny megaphone sound that made you want to run over small animals and old people. So I removed the plates and caps and ran the bike like that.

this brought the sound back to a reasonable throaty sound, but the volume would not be appreciated by my neighbors when I head out to work in the morning. the only option was to go back to the baffle plates. Since adding more plates would increase volume, and since no plates are available through Harley, I figured removing plates would do the same thing if I used spacers.

So a bit of drilling, and the addition of aluminum screw finishers would do the trick. Each trap had 10 plates, so I alternated each plate with spacers, so five plates per side with more gap between each plate.

Bacon, Mozzerella and Anchovie Pizza, man must eat to work

If you don't work on your bike parts on the kitchen table it means one of two things, A); You're married, or B); You don't work on your bike

Brass screws added to replace drilled out mounting screws

 Simply slide the pipes back in, and rebolt

Plus if I want to go louder yet, I have 10 left over plates to add and more spacers.

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