Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Hasbro has come out with a new game..."Speak out"

A group is divided into two teams, Each person is given a mouth piece, there is a one minute timer and stacks of cards with sayings on them. The time is set, the person wearing the mouth piece reads the cards and the other team members try to figure out what that person is saying. The device doesn't allow the letters  like M ,B, N, F, P, to be spoken.  The team with the most amount of correct answers wins. The mouth pieces insert and kep the lips seperated...

The cards have nonsensical sayings like, Strategic Booger Strike, Nobody puts Perry in their contacts.

When the box was first opened and the items handed out my first thought was, Who in the design department at Hasbro is into Bondage, and at what point in their behind closed doors activity did they come up with having the victim read sayings? 

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