Saturday, June 3, 2017

I was watching some re-enactments on Youtube...

I was watching the Revolutionary war re-enacted at Nathan Hale Farmhouse, then battles in New Jersey and Massachusetts, then I switched over to the Civil War. 

One of the reenactors was explaining how the battles are set up to determine who will win the conflict, the amount of money it costs to be a part of it, and how they carry out all the operations from the bivouac to the battle field. When asked what type of questions he has gotten over the years he said that when he first started doing it someone asked him, "Who won the war?" He thought perhaps this person was maybe this person was new to the country, but over the years he has been asked this question a lot.

I heard this and laughed, Yup, welcome to America, home of the free and un-educated. It is amazing what we don't teach in schools and what people don't learn on their own. If you have time sometime, go on Youtube and look for people asking questions in the street.

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